Daily Quote: June 2, 2020

One feels the excitement of hearing an untold story.
~ John Hope (American – EducatorJune 2, 1868 – February 22, 1936)

Decoration Day


National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Finally COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted enough to permit the use of Provincial Parks including vault toilets.  I purchased my Season’s pass and went Kayaking.  I had just set my kayak on the shore of the Old Ausauble Channel and turned around to see this raccoon trying to get into my kayak.  She was looking for food and had seen me put my cooler on the dock.  She left the kayak and went over to search through the nearby garbage can.  When I got into the kayak and started to launch of the shore she followed me and almost jumped into the water.

It was such a beautiful day to kayak.  I saw 3 baby muskrats playing in the water at the far end of my route and a pileated woodpecker on the way back to the dock.  Kingfishers were playing along the banks.  A dozen Canadian Geese, red wing black birds, and 3 muskrats swimming across the Chanel. I only saw 13 turtles today, far below my lifetime record last year of 149.


Daily Quote: May 31, 2020

I no doubt deserved my enemies,
but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.
~ Walt Whitman / (American – Poet May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892)

World No Tobacco Day

Pentacost Sunday

I’m glad to bid goodbye on this last day of May 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Restrictions are slowly being lifted as we go on towards a new normal.


Sorted by Confirmed in descending order
Cases per 1 million people
New cases (last 60 days)

6,054,187 779 2,562,191 368,711

United States
1,806,332 5,481 390,488 105,173
Cases per 1 million people
New cases (last 60 days)

6,054,187 779 2,562,191 368,711

90,190 2,375 48,103 7,073
27,533 2,025 21,353 2,247

Horrific rioting is occurring in major USA cities after the death of a Black Man in Police custody.  Unforgettable images of George Floyd as he calmly states: I can’t breathe .  The strange ramblings of a President demanding and shouting for the army to shoot demonstrators and looters.  A broken system where the same President is afraid to have his Twitter Rantings “Fact Checked”.

Daily Quote: May 30, 2020

I think all photographers fit their vision to their personality.
~ Kim Weston (American – Photographer / Born: May 30, 1953)

My Bucket’s Got a Hole Day

Lod Massacre Remembrance Day

 (Puerto Rico)

Mother’s Day


The Mourning Dove is one of my Granddaughter’s favorite birds.  This picture was taken for her.  The bird sat on the ground outside my dining room window on the ground next to the bird feeder.  She posed beautifully looking directly into the camera with one eye.

Daily Quote: May 27, 2020

Any change, even a change for the better,
is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.
~ Arnold Bennett (English – Novelist May 27, 1867 – March 27, 1931)

National Senior Health & Fitness Day

(USA – Last Wednesday in May)

Children’s Day (Nigeria)

Daily Quote: May 26, 2020

No entertainment is so cheap as reading,
nor any pleasure so lasting.
~ Mary Wortley Montagu (English – Writer May 26, 1689 – August 21, 1762)

National Book Day

(Día del Libro) – Uruguay

Mother’s Day

(Dzień Matki) – Poland

National Paper Airplane Day


To help Uruguay celebrate National Book Day, let’s all find a quiet spot today to curl up and read a book.