Daily Quote: March 8, 2021

We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.

~ Charlotte Whitton (Canadian – Politician / March 8, 1896 – January 25, 1975)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

March 8th is International Women’s Day. The fight for equality continues. Equal pay for equal work is something we’ve enjoyed in Canada for a very long time. I was surprised to discover that it isn’t the same in other democratic countries. I was also surprised to encounter actual hate for women seeking Maternity Leave and Pay on Facebook in the USA. A country where a surprising number of people also think that Birth Control shouldn’t be easily available and a women’s right to choose is still under debate on a regular basis. So the struggle for equality continues.

One way to make strong women is to make strong girls through literacy. Reading and writing is like breathing. Reading is to take a breath in, while writing is to take a breath out. So support girls by celebrating Girls Write Now Day. Give girls the tools to write their own story and the inspiration to go forward with courage.

I find it amazing that both International Women’s Day and Girls Write Now Day are both celebrated on the same day as Commonwealth Day. In the modern world I wonder how much longer we will celebrate colonialism and the Commonwealth. The Modern Commonwealth has changed from being conquered countries under British Rule. The British Rule is being downgraded and it is now a group of countries that choose to join together. And the role of the Monarchy is also changing to that of a cherished figurehead.

I’ve been continuing my journey as a painter and painted Spring Fox yesterday. I’m looking forward to the ground breaking open with spring flowers all around us.

Daily Quote: March 7, 2021

Little deeds are like little seeds,
they grow to flowers
or to weeds.

~ Daniel D. Palmer (Canadian – CelebrityMarch 7, 1845 – October 20, 1913)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

So I choose to celebrate Grandmother’s Day  (Fête des Grands-Mères) with France. I’ve just spent 2 days with my oldest grandson and this celebration is overdue. His view always surprises and inspires me. I still remember when we were in the backyard and told me the dandelion in full bloom was a wish flower. So he gleefully grabbed them and blew off all the seeds. Now I look forward to the dandelions to make a batch of wine for the winter, then make wishes with the ones I didn’t harvest.

On Namesake Day we should reflect on where our names come from and why. My mother wanted to call me Dagmar after the German actress. Thank goodness my mother’s visiting aunt told her it was too uncommon in Canada, so I ended up with a common name of Deborah. This probably wasn’t the best choice either as I grew up with 5 Debbie’s in my elementary school class, so I never responded until the teacher called out my last name. I should have corrected the teacher with “That’s Miss Porte to you.” but I never had the courage. It was very disrespectful of the teacher to just yell out “Porte” and I still resent being called just by my last name. At any rate, that’s why I often don’t respond to just my first name.

Today is the 3rd Sunday in Lent. Take time to pray and worship whether you are Christian or not. Meditate and clear your thoughts as we seek to overcome the 2020 Pandemic. Wear your mask, wash your hands and get the vaccine as soon as you can.

Daily Quote: March 6, 2021

I am still learning.

~ Michelangelo (Italian – Artist / March 6, 1475 – February 18, 1564)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Spring is coming! I can’t wait. I’ve planted my seed order and am looking forward to opening up the greenhouse and watching the seeds grow into plants. But in the meantime the temperatures are still below zero and the puddles are solid ice covered with a scattering of snow. I went for a walk with my grandchildren and sister yesterday only to discover how hard the ice is. Slip and falls are the scariest of accidents for people over 40 because you’re bones won’t heal as fast and you can be immobilized for more than a year. Luckily, like my grandmother used to say, I’m a little round so I bounce, I don’t break. Just a little bruised hip to remind me I’m human.

Today is the European Day of the Righteous, a day when they commemorate all the heroes that have stood up against the crimes of inhumanity and followed their own moral compass. While in the USA it’s Alamo Day, the day that Americans stood against all odds at the Alamo and fought ’til the last one died. Davey Crockett, who was only 49, died at this battle.

So grab some Oreos and a glass of milk celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day and watch one of the Alamo movies. I remember watching the 1960 version on a Saturday in our local community centre where the admission was $0.25 and chips were only $.05. I still haven’t watched the 2003 version or any of the others yet.

Daily Quote, March 5, 2021

If the world seems cold to you,
kindle fires to warm it.

~ Lucy Larcom (American – Poet / March 5, 1824 – April 17, 1893)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

The first Friday in March is designated as World Day of Prayer. In past years churches around the world have combined their efforts to ensure that prayers were said around the world for the entire day. I pray that this sense of unity of all faiths and denominations continues this year as we are hopefully approaching the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Just being able to gather inside churches again will be a joy and a privilege not to be taken for granted again.

Working from home has been a challenge for employees so with today being Employee Appreciation Day be certain to let everyone who’s continued working from home or on the front lines how much you appreciate their efforts throughout the Pandemic.

Our minor celebration for work well done is for our grandchildren as they’ve been potty training. We bought a new potty for the house so when they visit they can continue their good work during their visits to Papa’s and Grandma’s. The new potty even plays a little tune once they’ve completed the task. So be certain to help celebrate National Potty Dance Day. This milestone is especially important for our grandson who has autism. This means he won’t have to wear a diaper into adulthood and will be able to establish independence. Yes, celebrate with a dance for this accomplishment.

Daily Quote: March 4, 2021

I am willing to serve my country,
but do not wish to sacrifice
the brave men under my command.

~ John Buford (American – Soldier / March 4, 1826 – December 16, 1863)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

March Forth, or do something day as we continue our journey to the spring of 2021. I finally received my seed order yesterday, just in time to start the petunias and tomatoes. COVID-19 vaccines are underway in Canada, slowly but surely. My husband is registered to receive his first vaccine on Saturday Morning because he is indigenous, but otherwise the rollout to the general population is starting with those 80 and over. The appointments filled up within 3 hours of being made available on line. In Texas the numbers have decreased significantly as all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and masks are no longer required.

March 4th is also the day to get out the old Band songs as we celebrate Marching Music Day. I love the sound of a marching band and the thrill of a parade. The drums leading the band and keeping them in step. I had a brief experience of Marching in a band and it is much harder than it looks to keep step. Hopefully this summer parades can march again.

The other and probably most important reason for celebrating March 4th is that it is National Sons Day. So here’s a special handclap for all the wonderful sons of the world. A woman that has only sons will be surrounded by handsome men all of her life.

Daily Quote: March 3, 2021

Photography, as we all know, is not real at all.
It is an illusion of reality
with which we create our own private world.

~ Arnold Newman (American – Photographer / March 3, 1918 – June 6, 2006)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Photos abstract, portraits or landscape might mirror our observances, but they lock a moment in time and force us to look at the subject as directed through the lens of the photographer. Light bouncing off a frozen river with trees casting shadows for just a moment in time before the sun starts to melt all the snow and the ice moves down the river.

Celebrate the abundant and diverse wildlife today as you celebrate World Wildlife Day. From Aardvarks to Zebras; Ants to Zebra butterflies; microscopic to gigantic all wildlife is celebrated today.

If you’re happy and you know it sing a little smile. Today is also National I Want You to be Happy Day. So share your smiles, songs and happy thoughts as you go about your daily routine. An excellent way to may others happy is to share soup at lunch time as you also celebrate National Soup it Forward Day. I might even find a box of tissues and dig out one of my Chicken Soup for the Soul books to read a collection of heart warming stories.

Daily Quote: March 2, 2021

There is only you and your camera.
The limitations in your photography are in yourself,
for what we see is what we are.

~ Ernst Haas (Austrian – Photographer / March 2, 1921 – September 12, 1986)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

I do not like Green Eggs and Ham….Read a book on Dr. Seuss Day as we celebrate Read Across America Day. Although I’m certain this is only a designated celebration in the USA, I’m also certain Dr. Seuss would be happy if we made it read around the world day.

Unlike the Cat in the Hat, real cats need support. So today is International Rescue Cat Day. A day to remember all the stray and feral cats that have been rescued or still need to be rescued. Don’t just feed them, make sure they are spayed/neutered and give them a good home with love.

After all those of us who celebrate Old Stuff Day, probably have at least one cat to keep the mice away from our old stuff.

I’m so glad COVID-19 restrictions have been changed to ORANGE in London-Middlesex and that we can go to the second hand shops again. There’s nothing I like better than looking through old stuff and finding a bargain or two. ❤

Daily Quote: March 1, 2021

You know you are an artist if you appreciate beauty.

~ Brandon Stanton (American – Photographer / Born: March 1, 1984)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Monday and the beginning of not only a new week, but also a new Month. Welcome March 2021.

Time to remember all the Social Workers as today is the beginning of Social Work Week. It must be a very tough job during the COVID-19 Pandemic. But today there was a win as it was announced that homeless people will now go to the front of the line for the next wave of vaccines. Homeless people have a hard time maintaining basic hygiene and in shelters they are very vulnerable to COVID-19. Many of the shelters have been closed during the pandemic, leaving homeless people to freeze literally on the steps seeking temporary shelter.

Wedding Planners get your pens ready. Today is National Wedding Planning Day. I know I’m ready with camera in hand for the upcoming wedding season. Many people postponed last year and are hoping to be able to have their weddings this year.

So with cameras out today is Share a Smile Day. What nicer way to celebrate than to get a new set of portraits done or just update your profile picture with a new 2021 smile.

For those of us who have retired today is Refired not Retired Day. Without our careers weighing us down many of us have let our artistic side out and started to work full time on our passions. I know I’m going to be busy this summer. I’ve taken on a temporary seasonal job and am also looking forward to my Photography, camping and just enjoying life.

Daily Quote: February 28, 2021

My life has been full of terrible misfortunes
most of which never happened.

~ Michel de Montaigne (French – Philosopher / February 28, 1533 – September 13, 1592)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

The last day in February is the day that we remember Rare Disease Day. On a leap year this would be February 29th. But like people who are born February 29th, this day is remembered as Rare Disease Day on February 28th when we aren’t in a leap year.

Today is also National Science Day. One time science was called witchcraft, now we honour it as truth and advances in mankind. Cures for disease and new worlds are being discovered by Science. Now if we could only rid the world of the rare diseases.

Sometimes you’re just so tired you could sleep anywhere. Today it’s OK to sleep in public as we celebrate National Public Sleeping Day. Although I personally don’t like to sleep in public because you are so vulnerable when you sleep. Sweet Dreams ❤

Almost forgot today is the Second Sunday in Lent. Easter is getting closer and so is spring.

Daily Quote: February 27, 2021

Each morning sees some task begun,
each evening sees it close;
Something attempted,
something done,
has earned a night’s repose.

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (American – Poet / February 27, 1807 – March 24, 1882)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Happy International Polar Bear Day, a day set aside to celebrate the Polar Bear. Climate change is negatively affecting the lives of Polar Bears as their territories shrink. Most of us will never have an opportunity to see live Polar Bears. There is a sanctuary in Cochrane Ontario that my sister travelled to 2 years ago. 4 polar bears live there that wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. For more information go to: https://canadianpolarbearhabitat.com/

Don’t celebrate International Sword Swallowers Day and International Tongue Twister Contest Day at the same time or you may loose that vital body organ that allows you to taste and talk.

But do have a good bottle of wine available to celebrate Open That Bottle Night tonight. Taste a nice bottle of wine and savour it’s contents. Unless you’re a professional wine taster you don’t have to spit it out. ❤