Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: March 21, 2023

Music is moonlight
in the gloomy night of life.

~ Jean Paul
German – Author March 21, 1763 – November 14, 1825

Porte Ponderings:

Field trip day to St Cloud Florida. We went the the Chamber of Commerce and were given a Personal Walking Tour of the historic downtown. Lunch at crabby Bill’s. Monday is a good day to go if you want photos, but everything is closed with a small town feel.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: March 8, 2023

Life is painting a picture,
not doing a sum.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
American – Judge March 8, 1841 – March 6, 1935

Porte Ponderings:

I disagree with the judge. Life is everything from doing sums to painting to cleaning the house or walking the dog. Painting and Art are just far more enjoyable that sweating in the fields.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: January 19, 2023

Art is forever.

~ Thomas Kinkade
American – Artist January 19, 1958 – April 6, 2012

Porte Ponderings:

A recent study says that people who retire early suffer mental or congnitive decline. Apparently work keeps your mind active and maintains social contact better than retiring? I think it depends on what you do when you retire. If you sit at home and do nothing, yes your congitive abilities will decline. If you travel, try art, write, take pictures, read, exercise and hike early retirement can increase your spiritual and congnitive activity.

Yes, I have more time to spend with family. I also found COVID was devestating to most people due to the isolation. I was lucky enough to have family and close friends that stayed in touch. Kayaking was a safe sport and so was hiking. I managed to continue my daily walks with my sister and dog. I also was lucky enough to work temporarily for Statistics Canada as a team leader. I was also able to spend time with my husband as he survived 2 major cancer battles (kidney cancer and colon cancer). I’ve learned to take pictures, and to paint (my COVID hobby).

So, I don’t know who they used in the recent study, but it wasn’t my Florida friends. They are active and alert. Busy with parties, sports, exercise and living life to the fullest in Heaven’s Waiting Room.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: December 27, 2022

When I approach a child,
he inspires in me two sentiments;
tenderness for what he is,
and respect for what he may become.

~ Louis Pasteur
French – Scientist December 27, 1822 – September 28, 1895

Porte Ponderings:

Babies are such a joy, but they grow so fast. Elijah, my youngest grandson is already 6 months and almost 18 pounds. He laughs with his entire body and never sits still. Never again will he be the babe in swadling clothes. For just a moment they are so small.

Today is our packing day as we prepare to journey south and away from the winter weather. Our granddaughter made such a fuss about us leaving, but when return they will have all grown another 3 months. All of my sons have turned into loving, caring, hard working fathers.

Old age is coming gracefully. I tell my middle grandson that I’m going to live to be 120 (but only if I can maintain my independance). I certainly am enjoying being retired, almost as much as childhood. ❤

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: December 23, 2022

is the companion of power,
and the mother of success;
for who so hopes has within him
the gift of miracles.

~ Samuel Smiles
Scottish – Author December 23, 1812 – April 16, 1904

Porte Ponderings:

Only 2 days until Christmas. We’re in the middle of a predicted winter storm. Winds could reach up to 120 KM per hour. Temperatures changed overnight to minus and rain from freezing rain to snow. Flash freezing has left the roads slippery as an ice rink. Normal Canadian weather.

I gave Christmas presents to my family in London ON ahead of time just in case they can’t make it to tomorrow night’s dinner event.

My husband’s oldest son can’t attend as his intended has COVID. Having survived a double transplant she is now on an experimental drug administered by IV drip, has 3 more days of treatment to go and 10 days isolation after thath. Wishing them the gift of health this year.

So it will be a small group getting together before we head to Florida next week.

Keep safe and have a Merry Christmas.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: December 3, 2022

The first and worst of all frauds
is to cheat oneself.

~ Gamaliel Bailey
American – Journalist December 3, 1807 – June 5, 1859

Porte Ponderings:

Just back from a Cuba Vacation and busy with Christmas Minis today.

I have one customer inquiry to answer, but my ears have been giving me a rough time since landing. For some reason they didn’t pop when the plane landed. So I tried the home remedies on the internet starting with plugging my nose and gently blowing, warm compresses, then oil in the ears. The oil seems to have done the trick (or time) and luckily I’m feeling much better today.

There are so many statues in Old Havana like the one in today’s quote. A life-sized Chopin sitting on a bench just waiting for someone to come along and share a good conversation. My friend was more than willing to sit for a moment.

The Havana Walking Tour is a trip I’ve done before, but my friend had never seen Havana and I was eager to go again. The history on the tour is amazing. The Cuban People are so Friendly, but are also asking for tips so remember to take lots of American $1’s or Cuban Peso’s. This lady embodied the Cuban Spirit. So I was certain to give her 50 Pesos to take her picture. I’ve used her picture as a temporary profile picture on Facebook. I just think she is so amazing. The black and white version adds a type of timelessness while the colour version brings depth to the shades of brown and gold.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: November 16, 2022

I don’t want to achieve immortality by being inducted into the Hall of Fame.
I want to achieve immortality by not dying.

~ William De Morgan
British – Artist November 16, 1839 – January 15, 1917

Porte Ponderings:

Bookings for Christmas Minis are starting to fill in. Surprisingly December 3rd is the most popular date. I though people would want them earlier. But with modern technology I guess Christmas Cards are becoming a thing of the past.