Spring flowers 2018

My favourite season, spring is finally here in Strathroy, Ontario.

Walking along the trails at Strathroy Conservation Area, Trilliums are finally starting to bloom and everything is turning green.

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At home the signs of spring are just as beautiful.

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The 8th and final in the Real Music, Real Masters Series, RHYTHM IN THE NIGHT was definitely worth seeing twice.




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Season Pass holders were allowed to take a visitor for free in the month of February so I saw all of the shows this week:

TURN IT UP:  the coolest show at Busch Gardens




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Walking through Busch Gardens:




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The Diamonds

Week Number 3 of the 2018, Busch Gardens: Real Music Real Masters Series was The Diamonds.

The Diamonds are an amazing live performance to attend.  Be certain to take advantage of anytime you have an opportunity to see The Diamonds live.

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This week’s walk with the animals at Busch Gardens included the Bird Cage and Kangaroos.

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Zephyr Park, Zephyrhills, Florida

One of my favorite free places to go for an early morning walk.

The water levels are still very high in Zephyr Lake from Hurricane Irma, but the multi-use trail is currently accessible around the entire route.

The squirrels are as friendly as ever.


The ducks are enjoying the high water levels.  I even saw 4 babies with their mother.

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The Woodstorks are still here and as unafraid as ever.  I counted 6 Woodstorks around Zephyr Lake.

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Ibis, an immature Heron and a Paragon Falcon were also seen this morning.

Pinery Kayaking

Learning to Kayak has taken me to Pinery Provincial Park to the calm, clear waters of the Old Ausable Channel.  It takes me about 3 hours to go from the boat docking area to the far bridge and return.  I’ve managed to see huge snapping turtles swimming and painted turtles sunning themselves on the logs.  Unfortunately I’m not brave enough to take my camera kayaking with me yet.

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Flowers blooming in June:


Hungry Muskrat swimming in the Ausable Channel:

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Fish, dragon flies and birds abound.

Pinery Provincial Park

A wonderful day for a bike ride through Pinery Provincial Park.  I rode 16 Km of well maintained trails then did a quick drive through to get some amazing photos.

I almost hit a huge wild turkey crossing the road.  I saw a beaver, swan, Canada Geese, turtle and frog.

The water is so clear you can see last years oak leaves.

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October 2016 Colours

Fall 2016 will be remembered as one of the most colourful and longest lasting autumn colour displays.

Sunday, October 23rd I was lucky enough to be invited to do family photos for my neice.  We went for a wonderful Sunday walk through Springbank Park, in London ON.

What a perfect day.  The weather, the fall colours and her amazing family.


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Largo Central Park

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Pavilion one was alive with music on Thursday, March 23rd, while the park was alive with children flying kites and flowers blooming.  Only one week left for the Canadian Snowbirds to perform as they prepare for the journey back to Canada.

Free parking and free music in a wonderful park in downtown Largo.  Bring a lawnchair or your dancing shoes.  A $1 donation for coffee and snacks.

On my list of things to do in Florida 2017.

Unfortunately, I lost one of my favorite earrings that can’t be replaced.  With any luck one of my friends will find it or somehow it will find it’s way back to me.


2016 Busch Gardens getting ready for the Wine & Food Festival

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On Thursday, March 3rd final preparations were being made for the upcoming Wine and Food Festival starting on Saturday.  The bird enclosure still was closed and the skyride wasn’t open either.  The meerkats are still “on vacation”.

But there was still lots to do.  We went on the train ride and got to see the baby Rhino up close, zebras and long horn beats.  Then we stopped to see the Hippo swimming in the open view aquarium.

Different flowers were in bloom including a red cactus.

An Ibis, also visiting decided he wouldn’t leave until I took his closeup picture showing his beautiful blue eye.

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The highlight of the day was Chubby Checker.  A great performer, musician and entertainer.  We danced the twist on stage with Chubby Checker and managed to check “on stage with a famous entertainer” off of our bucket list.