Daily Quote: March 28, 2020

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.
~ Frank A. Clark (American – Politician March 28, 1860 – April 14, 1936)

National Weed Appreciation Day

2016-04-25 087

National Weed Appreciation Day, not the kind you smoke.  We’re talking about weeds like dandelions or wild flowers as some of us like to call them.

I’m now on day 10 of Quarantine after returning to Canada and am wondering how much different my life will be when the quarantine is done.  My husband is in the the risk category due to age and being a cancer survivor with only one kidney, so we will still need to social distance and remain vigilant.  It will be wonderful to see my grandchildren in person again and to be able to get my own groceries rather than write a list and send my daughter-in-law into the dangerous stores.

I’ve started some seeds from OSC, where I ordered them on line, but was very disappointed with the little number of seeds in a package.  One package I received actually had no seeds, so I called and had the package replaced.  The replacement package only had 10 seeds.  I’d like to go to the dollar store and buy some seeds, one of my luxuries.

I’m anxious to go for a walk in the local conservation area to see the skunk cabbage starting to grow an the marsh marigolds or any other spring flowers starting.


Daily Quote: March 22, 2020

One knows less about one’s own destiny
than about anything else on earth.
~ Gabrielle Roy (Canadian – Author March 22, 1909 – July 13, 1983)

National Goof Off Day

4th Sunday in Lent4th Sunday in Lent

On the 4th Sunday in Lent 2020 all Canadian Churches are closed today.  At no other time in history have churches been closed, but to prevent the spread of COVID-19 everyone is distancing and self-quarantining.  Many of the Churches are having on line services to help provide their congregations with Worship.

The daily death toll in Italy rose to 793 on Friday.  Almost 1/3 of the reported cases are in Italy as the country finally grounds to a halt.  Italians over 80 are no longer able to access Health Care as available life saving care must be prioritized to those who are most likely to survive.  Prayers go out to Italy.

The USA has now closed all it’s boarders to non-essential travel and many Canadians are stranded abroad.

Meanwhile, my husband and I remain in self-quarantine.  We are so lucky.  I look out the window and my bird feeder has already started to attract birds within 24 hours of me filling the feeder.  A fat chipmunk was sitting on the fence under the maple tree and my cat was sitting in the window watching the live entertainment.  Rickie loves the freedom of being able to run out the back door into the fenced yard.  Yesterday afternoon Rickie refused to come back inside as he stretched out on the deck to enjoy the sunshine.  The temperature is much colder than in the Rio Grande Valley (21F vs 86F) but the same sun shines down on us.


Daily Quote: March 19, 2020

Some folks are wise and some are otherwise.
~ Tobias Smollett (Scottish – Writer March 19, 1721 – September 17, 1771)

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

After the Prime Minister advising all Canadians to return home, we packed up and made our journey home from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.  The streets in most of the major cities were very quiet.  Restaurants were take out only. And some of the states, like Ohio,  we tried to avoid because there were no Hotels open.  I managed to have food poisoning for a day while we were on the road, so my husband had to drive most of the last day.

It feels so good to be home again in Canada.  With the Coronavirus Pandemic issues we will be in quarantine for 2 weeks, but we are lucky enough to have family that can pick-up our groceries for us.

Daily Quote: March 16, 2020

Being first lady is the hardest unpaid job in the world.
~ Pat Nixon (American – First Lady March 16, 1912 – June 22, 1993)

National Vaccination Day

As the Pandemic continues, Doctors and Scientists scramble to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus, but there is a Flu Vaccine and people choose not to get it.

So far in 2020 more people have died from the Flu than from Coronavirus.

Get your vaccinations to prevent spreading diseases to vulnerable people.

Daily Quote: March 15, 2020

Take time to deliberate;
but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.
Andrew Jackson (American – President March 15, 1767 – June 8, 1845)

Well, the Coronavirus Pandemic is causing lots of panic everywhere.  Toilet paper and major supplies are flying off the shelves as people try to prepare.  Schools in Ontario are closed until April 5, 2020.  All public events are being cancelled.  People abroad are worried as borders are being closed.  International flights are being cancelled.  There is a shortage of tests in the USA.  Worldwide numbers are increasing.

My home church will be closing the doors for the live service on Sunday and trying Facebook live to deliver the weekly message and updates.

All health insurance from Canada for travelers have a clause that renders the insurance coverage to 0 if there is an epidemic or pandemic.  So my husband and I need to leave Texas this morning and make the trip back to Ontario Canada.  Today I’m borrowing from the past with the Daily Quote, but it seems very appropriate.

Daily Quote: March 13, 2020

Most of my pictures are never published. I just document things I think are important.
For instance, I’ve documented the gay pride parade from its first days.
~ Bill Cunningham (American – Photographer March 13, 1929 – June 25, 2016)

Friday the 13th: Port Dover Bike Day

Donald Duck Day

Ken Doll Day

Another Friday the 13th that I’m not able to attend the special Port Dover Motorcycle Rally.  Over 200,000 motorcyclists will venture to the small town and take over the main street to celebrate.  The attendance might be slightly less if the day occurs in the winter, but the truly devoted make the trip.

White Pelicans and Black Necked Stilts were playing on the lake at Estero Llano Grande State Park.  This was just one small group as there were more than 60 White Pelicans that I saw on the lake.

Daily Quote: March 12, 2020

Reading is to the mind what exercising is to the body.
~ Richard Steele (British – Dramatist March 12, 1672 – September 1, 1729)

Girl Scout Birthday Day

World Kidney Day (2nd Thursday)

World Kidney Day has a special significance to me.  My husband is a Kidney Cancer Survivor.  A 7 cm Chromophobe Renal tumor was found by accident when he had an ultrasound scan for a gall bladder problem.  We were very lucky, as this type of cancer is asymptomatic until it is too late for any treatments to be effective.  The tumor was removed by Dr Luc at London Health Sciences, the cancer eliminated, and no further treatment was required.

Daily Quote: March 10, 2020

Throw Caution to the wind and just do it.
~ Carrie Underwood
(American – Musician Born: March 10, 1983)

Carrie Marie Underwood (born March 10, 1983) is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and actress. She rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005.  Click to see more from wikipedia.

National Blueberry Popover Day

National Mario Day

National Pack Your Lunch Day

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Daily Quote: March 9, 2020

You never know what you can do till you try.
~ William Cobbett
(English – Politician March 9, 1763 – June 18, 1835)

Daylight Savings Time

Super Full Worm Moon

Hold on.  This week starts with a major change in routines as we begin an hour earlier with Daylight Savings Time.  Monday there is a Super Full Worm Moon. Then the week ends with Friday the 13th.

I’m so glad to have my Nikon D750 back.  I went for a hike through Estero Llano Grande and was lucky enough to be walking just behind a group of birders.  Usually birders are wonderful at finding, identifying different birds and sharing their knowledge with everyone.  They pointed out a White tailed kite and several night herons that I would have missed by looking down at the ground and watching for Alligators.

The change to daylight savings time means an extra hour of light after supper to go hiking and see more sunsets.