Daily Quote: September 3

Quote 2019-09-03.jpg

What the people are within, the buildings express without.
~ Louis Sullivan (September 3, 1856 – April 14, 1924)

Skyscraper Day

Celebration of buildings over 138′ tall.

The Beehive may not be a skyscraper, but the idea is the same.  Several functional layers placed on top of each other into a single structure.

Daily Quote: September 2

quote 2019-09-02.jpg

Poorly paid labor is inefficient labor, the world over.
~ Henry George (September 2, 1839 – October 29, 1897)

Labour Day

The first Monday in September.

Yes, Canadians leave the “U” in “Labour”.

A Federal Holiday in Canada celebrating the Legalization of Unions and the labour movement.

Marking the end of the summer holidays for most, with school starting on the Tuesday.

The days have become noticeably shorter with the darkness of night creeping in earlier each day.  Canadian Geese are practicing for their flight south. The Monarch butterflies are abundant as they prepare in numbers for their annual trip to Mexico. Although there are almost 3 more weeks of summer left, autumn breezes are felt and windows are closed against the cooler nights.

Daily Quote: August 30

Quote 2019-08-30.jpg

What terrified me will terrify others;
and I need only describe the spectre which had haunted my midnight pillow.
~ Mary Shelley (August 30, 1797 – February 1, 1851)

Frankenstein Day

Celebrate by reading the original tale by Mary Shelley, or find an old Frankenstein movie to watch with a dish of popcorn, or try dressing up like the monster that Dr Frankenstein created and walk down a local street.


Daily Quote: August 29

Quote 2018-08-29.jpg

Every man has a property in his own person.
This nobody has a right to, but himself.
~ John Locke (August 29, 1632 – October 28, 1704)

Individual Rights Day

In honour of John Locke.

The photo I used from my collection is goal posts at the end of a tunnel.
Aiming for freedom and equality as the goal posts of life and mankind.

Daily Quote: August 28

Quote 2019-08-28.jpg

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children.
One of these is roots, the other, wings.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (August 28, 1749 – March 22, 1832)

Bow Tie Day

Well, there really is a day for everything.
Try wearing a bow tie today and celebrate in fashion.

Daily Quote: August 27

Quote 2019-08-27.jpg

Poetry is the mother-tongue of the human race.
~Johann Georg Hamann (August 27, 1730 – June 21, 1788)

August 27th is Global Forgiveness Day.

Forgiving doesn’t mean to forget,
lifting a burden from your shoulders,
allowing you to move on without regret.
clearing your path of all large boulders.


Daily Quote: August 26

Quote 2019-08-26.jpg

Let sleeping dogs lie.
~ Robert Walpole (August 26, 1676 – March 18, 1745)

One of those quotes that I never knew who got the credit for it.

August 26th also happens to be International Dog Day.

My dog, Rickie certainly would never want to miss an opportunity for a walk through the local conservation area.  His perma-smile lights up his face so often I almost forget that not all dogs smile.  Rickie was one of 268 dogs in a Tampa Bay shelter that was scheduled to be euthanized.  A local radio station decided to sponsor the over crowded shelter and had all the dogs on “special” for $20.  So my $20 dog joined our family.  He was very ill with a severe case of Kennel cough, anemia and ear mites.  The initial vet bill cost me 10 times what we paid for him.  He instantly became ingrained in our family and still charms everyone he meets.  Sometimes it seems as if he knew we saved him from the needle.