Daily Quote: March 25, 2020

The poison of selfishness destroys the world.
~ Catherine of Siena (Theologian March 25, 1347 – April 29, 1380)

International Waffle Day

Walking through the trails, I thought I would look at a honey mesquite tree to see if scorpions were visible during the day.  At first I thought this spider feasting on a caterpillar might be a scorpion, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a spider.  Possibly a  Platycryptus undatus, a Tan Jumping Spider as suggested by SpiderID.  I had hoped to find a site for spiders like the one for birds and this site is amazing.  Spider enthusiasts are like bird enthusiasts, they like to share their knowledge with others to grow the understanding of creatures in the world.

COVID-19 Pandemic continues.  The news is flooded with updates and new restrictions.  The entire Provence of Ontario is no longer “Open for Business”.  Only essential services are permitted to remain open and everyone else is advised to “self isolate”.  This is Day 7 of my self isolation after returning home from Texas.  Some people decided to “shelter in place” and I wonder if that wasn’t the best decision.  There are still no confirmed cases in the Rio Grande Valley.  My friend who decided to stay in Mexico is also in self isolation, because she had a visitor from New York.  She says they have no shortages of anything and there is no hoarding occurring in Mexico.

Daily Quote: March 24, 2020

It’s hard to leave behind scenes and characters I am in love with.
~ John Harrison (English – Inventor March 24, 1693 – March 24, 1776)

World Tuberculosis Day

Day 6 of self isolation after returning home from Texas.  Yesterday Prime Minister Trudeau continued his daily updates from his front porch.  COVID-19 is spreading too rapidly in Canada.  Some people are just not taking the Coronavirus threat seriously and aren’t self isolating.  Measures may need to be introduced to enforce self isolation.  The Canadian Olympic Teams made a public statement that they won’t be participating in the 2020 Olympics.  At the same time people are playing team sports in public areas and just not understanding the importance of self isolating.

Diseases from the past act as reminders as to how vulnerable people really are.  Tuberculosis lead to many deaths and hospitalizations until the correct medicine was found for treatment.  It can lay dormant for many years and then strike again, and is still killing millions.

Meanwhile, spring is quietly marching in.  The trees are starting to blush and the birds are starting to return home.  Will our lives ever return to normal?

Daily Quote: March 22, 2020

One knows less about one’s own destiny
than about anything else on earth.
~ Gabrielle Roy (Canadian – Author March 22, 1909 – July 13, 1983)

National Goof Off Day

4th Sunday in Lent4th Sunday in Lent

On the 4th Sunday in Lent 2020 all Canadian Churches are closed today.  At no other time in history have churches been closed, but to prevent the spread of COVID-19 everyone is distancing and self-quarantining.  Many of the Churches are having on line services to help provide their congregations with Worship.

The daily death toll in Italy rose to 793 on Friday.  Almost 1/3 of the reported cases are in Italy as the country finally grounds to a halt.  Italians over 80 are no longer able to access Health Care as available life saving care must be prioritized to those who are most likely to survive.  Prayers go out to Italy.

The USA has now closed all it’s boarders to non-essential travel and many Canadians are stranded abroad.

Meanwhile, my husband and I remain in self-quarantine.  We are so lucky.  I look out the window and my bird feeder has already started to attract birds within 24 hours of me filling the feeder.  A fat chipmunk was sitting on the fence under the maple tree and my cat was sitting in the window watching the live entertainment.  Rickie loves the freedom of being able to run out the back door into the fenced yard.  Yesterday afternoon Rickie refused to come back inside as he stretched out on the deck to enjoy the sunshine.  The temperature is much colder than in the Rio Grande Valley (21F vs 86F) but the same sun shines down on us.


Daily Quote: March 21, 2020

For sleep, riches and health to be truly enjoyed, they must be interrupted.
~ Jean Paul (German – Author March 21, 1763 – November 14, 1825)

World Forestry Day

World Down Syndrome Day

World Poetry Day

For not only sleep, riches and health, but also freedom to be enjoyed, they must be interrupted.

The name of the novel coronavirus has been changed to COVID-19 but it’s effects aren’t lessening.  Tight travel restrictions that have never before been invoked now limit individual freedoms.  Home from Texas (USA) we are now in quarantine or self-isolation.  Luckily we have family and friends who are able to help us.  My lovely daughter-in-law went grocery shopping this morning and dropped of the goods to my door.  She also had my young granddaughter with her and we were able to wave kisses through the open door.  My youngest son went to Canadian Tire to buy potting soil and bird seed for me.  Such luxuries, so I can start my greenhouse up and feed the birds.


Daily Quote: March 20, 2020

Youth is the time of getting,
middle age of improving,
and old age of spending.
~ Anne Bradstreet (American – Poet March 20, 1612 – September 16, 1672)

International Day of Happiness

International Earth Day

Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

 Proposal Day

World Sparrow Day

If you are lucky you’ve saved enough or have a good enough pension to spend in your old age.

Daily Quote: March 19, 2020

Some folks are wise and some are otherwise.
~ Tobias Smollett (Scottish – Writer March 19, 1721 – September 17, 1771)

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

After the Prime Minister advising all Canadians to return home, we packed up and made our journey home from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.  The streets in most of the major cities were very quiet.  Restaurants were take out only. And some of the states, like Ohio,  we tried to avoid because there were no Hotels open.  I managed to have food poisoning for a day while we were on the road, so my husband had to drive most of the last day.

It feels so good to be home again in Canada.  With the Coronavirus Pandemic issues we will be in quarantine for 2 weeks, but we are lucky enough to have family that can pick-up our groceries for us.

Daily Quote: March 18, 2020

No one had ever told me that whites were supposed to sing one kind of music
and blacks another
– I sang what I liked in the only voice I had.
~ Charley Pride (American – Musician Born: March 18, 1938)

Awkward Moments Day

I remember walking into my sister-in-law’s house and hearing her favorite Charlie Pride Album filling the house from the floor model stereo.  She loved his music.  So much so that when she passed away her husband the song that played as we left the funeral home was “Chrystal Chandelier”.

We had the chance to see Charlie Pride perform at the 2014 Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida.  We even paid extra to ensure we had good seats closer to the stage.  It was worth every penny to see Charlie Pride sing live.

Daily Quote: March 17, 2020

The moon looks upon many night flowers;
the night flowers see but one moon.
~ Jean Ingelow (English – Poet March 17, 1820 – July 20, 1897)

Saint Patrick’s Day

Everyone claims to have a bit of Irish in them on Saint Patrick’s Day.

I guess I’m a little bit o’ Irish.  My paternal Great Grandfather was an orphan who came to London Ontario from Dublin Ireland.  He was a shoe cobbler by trade and fell in love with the last McCormick of the famous McCormick Spice clan.  They ran away to Detroit to be married against her family wishes and she was dis-inherited by her family.  They had three sons, but he died in London Ontario of Cholera and left her to raise them on her own.  Her family never did welcome her back into the fold.

Recently I obtained my long form birth certificate.  I was stunned to find that my mother claimed she was Irish as the time of my birth.  I have no idea why she said she was Irish.  Her maiden name was Heil, so she was obviously German and looking through Ancestry.ca she also had Mohawk genes, but I guess neither was as proper as being “Irish”.  My husband’s mother who was Native American also claimed to be Irish, but at least her maiden name was Halpin, a proper Irish name.

The Pandemic of Coronavirus continues.  We’re on our journey back to Canada and still have about 2 more days of driving.  Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the borders will be closed to all outsiders (with some minor exceptions such as flight crews) and all Canadians should return home immediately from all countries.  Everyone returning to Canada regardless of from where will need to be self quarantined for 2 weeks.  Everything is shut down.  Such a strange place the world has become.  Everything is upside down.

Daily Quote: March 16, 2020

Being first lady is the hardest unpaid job in the world.
~ Pat Nixon (American – First Lady March 16, 1912 – June 22, 1993)

National Vaccination Day

As the Pandemic continues, Doctors and Scientists scramble to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus, but there is a Flu Vaccine and people choose not to get it.

So far in 2020 more people have died from the Flu than from Coronavirus.

Get your vaccinations to prevent spreading diseases to vulnerable people.