Daily Quote: July 1

Quote 2019-07-01.jpg

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
~ George Sand (July 1, 1804 – June 8, 1876)

Today Canada celebrates confederation, the beginning of our Country, with a holiday.
Luckily it’s a Monday, so most Canadians will have a long weekend.
School is done for the year, students celebrate the beginning of summer holidays.
Friends and family will spend an extra day together with Barbeque’s, beer and cake.
Many will spend time at a local beach or one of the many community centres.
The Maple Leaf will be proudly flown everywhere.
Tonight fireworks will light the skies across the country .

Happy Canada Day!

Daily Quote: June 25

Quote 2019-06-25.jpg

You usually can’t tell what’s inspiring until you look back on it.
~ Carly Simon (Born: June 25, 1945)

Old Friends,
Old Car shows,
Old buildings,

The reflection on the car door not only includes the other nearby cars, but also my husband on his scooter as he attended the Hometown Festival 2019.


Daily Quote: June 24

Quote 2019-06-24.jpg

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers,
but for the wide world’s joy.
~ Henry Ward Beecher (June 24, 1813 – March 8, 1887)

Searching for daily quotes I often use Brainy Quote and look for one of the earliest people born on the date.  Henry Ward Beecher had so many wonderful quotes on the site that it was difficult for me to choose just one.