Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: October 6, 2022

For every minute, the future is becoming the past.

~ Thor Heyerdahl
Norwegian – Explorer October 6, 1914 – April 18, 2002

Porte Musings:

Sunny, windless days in October are rare, so take advantage and get outside before the cooler weather gets here. Yesterday was 20C and calm, so my sister and I went kayaking at Pinery Provincial Park.

The water was clear and most of the algae blooms had retreated to their winter havens. Fish floated past. About 30 turtles were sitting on logs to gain the last rays of sun before they go to sleep for the winter. A lone cormorant was taking advantage of the park sanctuary during hunting season. My sister popped her bubble gum and the echo was like a gun shot. The cormorant spread its wings in fear then flew off. Turkey vultures were sitting in a tree as there were no wind currents to glide on. Peace and calm.

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