Porte Musings: Sunday, July 11, 2021

Thank your for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. My husband’s surgery was completed Thursday, July 8th at University Hospital, London Ontario. The surgery took 7 hours operating time. A 10-15 cm tumor, part of his colon and stomach was removed.

Special thanks to Dr. Hawel, who called me as soon as the surgery was done to let me know that it was successfully completed laparoscopically, the tumor was removed intact, and there didn’t seem to be any migration to adjacent lymph nodes or other organs.

My term contract job has come to an end. My supervisor was wonderful and very understanding. She ensured I had a flexible schedule to get through the various appointments. I was very grateful to be so busy waiting for the surgery to be done. I was a crew leader for a wonderful team of 16 members and 1 assistant, that ensured we finished our assignment in time for me to become a care taker for my husband when he gets home.

We are looking forward to a speedy recovery during the summer with family and friends as Ontario is re-opening and COVID-19 restrictions are finally being reduced.

Daily Quote: June 4, 2021

I believe that true art is universal in its appeal.

John McCormack (Irish – Musician. Born: June 4, 1884. Lived until: September 16, 1945)

Holidays and Celebrations…

Daily Quote: May 24, 2021

Every failure is a step to success.

William Whewell (English – Philosopher Born: May 24, 1794 Lived until March 6, 1866)

*** Holidays and Celebrations…

*** Victoria Day ***

*** National Brother Day – United States ***

*** Asparagus Day ***

*** Porte Musings…..

Victoria Day is actually on the Monday of the Victoria Day long weekend. This doesn’t happen very often. Fireworks are supposed to be limited to tonight, but they’ve been let off every night so far this weekend. Ontario is still under stay at home orders, so many people who usually go camping have been limited to their own yards. Promises of re-opening next weekend were made. Our trailer park is open to accommodate all of the year long residents, so we were able to have a sleep-over last night.

In USA today is National Brother Day. A day set aside to celebrate the special relationship with Brothers. I don’t have any brothers, so I’ll just wish y’all a happy Brothers Day.

My husband’s kidney function is lower than it should be, so in preparations for Colon surgery, the potassium levels need to be lower. So, we need to learn new lists of foods that can be eaten (lower potassium levels) and those that should be avoided. Luckily, asparagus is on the low list, so we can indulge on Asparagus Day. A serving of 6 spears is under 200 mg of potassium. The bad news is he’ll have to cut back on the coffee. Only 3 cups a day is deemed as safe. We’re still in waiting mode for the biopsy results. Hopefully, we’ll know the plan of attack this week.

Daily Quote: May 22, 2021

Every flower is a soul
blossoming in nature.

Gerard De Nerval (French – Novelist  Born: May 22, 1808 Lived until: January 26, 1855)

*** Holidays and Celebrations:

*** International Day for Biological Diversity ***

*** National Buy a Musical Instrument Day ***

*** World Fiddle Day ***

*** Porte Musings…

The twenty fourth of May
is the Queen’s Birthday,
if you don’t give us a holiday,
we’ll all run away.

With the Provincial Lockdown still in place, we’re all on a Stay Vacation. Usually this long weekend is the unofficial summer kick-off as people go to the beaches and camping. Well, not this year. Nothing is opening until next weekend to avoid crowding in public areas. Then we’ll be opening up in phases based on “safety”. Golf courses will be opening this weekend. I’m so tired of being forced to stay home even if it is for my own good. I’ve had my first vaccine and am anxious to get out there doing things with friends and family.

Today is International Day for Biological Diversity, a day I would love to celebrate by kayaking, but still haven’t managed to get my veggies and flower gardens planted yet.

So instead I might actually celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day and World Fiddle Day. Seems I can’t even catch my breath to practice my flute for my nephew’s wedding this summer.

Oh well, its off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho…
to make some do, some do, some dough.

Daily Quote: May 20, 2021

It is a serious job being a portrait photographer,
which is how I saw myself.

~ Astrid Kirchherr (German – Photographer Born: May 20, 1938. Lived until May 12, 2020)

Holidays and Celebrations….

*** World Bee Day ***

*** Flower Day ***

*** National Rescue Dog Day ***

Porte Musings…

May is just flying by, or should I say Buzzing by as we celebrate World Bee Day. The humble bumble and sweet honey bees flying from flower to flower, gathering sweet nectar and being covered in yellow pollen. Leave those dandelions in your yard. The bees love to visit them and wear the pollen on their legs and bodies.

And just in time too. It’s Flower Day. Every and any flower gives reason to celebrate and meaning for events. Beauty in each and everyone.

My snowball bush is just starting to open up.

…And last but not least today is National Rescue Dog Day. My favorite rescue dog from the Tampa shelter continues to fill my heart with sunshine. Rickie showing off his new hair cut and ready for summer. He smiles all the time.

Just picture Rickie, smiling on the back deck. May 2021

Daily Quote: May 16, 2021

Cancer is a very sad thing,
but you can always take
something from every experience.

Pierce Brosnan (Irish – Actor Born: May 16, 1953

*** Holidays and Celebrations ***

*** International Day of Light ***

*** International Day of Living Together in Peace ***

*** Stepmother’s Day ***

*** Porte Musings ***

Happy Birthday Pierce. I agree, Cancer sucks. I’m so tired of family and friends dying from this dam disease and/or its treatments.

So instead I choose to celebrate the International Day of Light. Turn on every light. Sit in the sunshine. Raise a glass in a toast of cheer. Light lets us read in the dark months and work instead of sleeping. It keeps us safe while keeping the darkness away.

Today is also the International Day of Living Together in Peace. The news is filled with the bombings in Palestine. My heart breaks to see the streaks of smoke rising from tall apartment buildings where people lived without being politically involved. Stop racial discrimination. Stop fighting. Stop Wars. Just all live together in Peace.

Instead go buy your stepmother a flower or gift as you remember Stepmother’s Day, celebrated on the Sunday after Mother’s Day. Wicked or not she has helped shape your destiny and who you’ve become.

Daily Quote: May 13, 2021

I’m not playing a role.
I’m being myself,
whatever the hell that is.

Bea Arthur (American – Actress Born: May 13, 1923. Died: April 25, 2009)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*** Ascension ***

*** Eid al-Fitr ***

*** Tulip Day ***

Porte Musings:

Happy Birthday Bea Arthur (born Bernice Phyllis Frankel). I’m so glad I grew up with you as a role model in your many roles. From Vera Charles in Mame, to Maude Findlay, to her leading role in the Golden Girls. The strong large woman figure not afraid to speak her mind and human enough to be frustrated.

Today two major religious holidays are celebrated. The 14th day of Easter is the celebration of the Ascension of Christ as he rose to heaven after his earthly return from the dead. Today is also Eid al-Fitr for all my Muslum friends and family their time of prayer and fasting has come to an end.

Today is also Tulip Day. During the Ontario wide lockdown the Tulip festival in Ottawa is being held on-line for the second time. I’m so tired of being locked down.

The numbers for the 3rd wave are finally decreasing and already the experts are predicting a 4th wave. I’m really at a loss about this prediction as vaccination is now at 50% of Ontario for the first shot. Are the experts already saying that the vaccine won’t be effective? or are they trying to scare the anti-vaccers into getting vaccinated? I pray that once we’re vaccinated we’ll be able to get back to normal, whatever the new normal may be. Surrounded by blood clot problems, 3 deaths and confusion the Astra Zeneca vaccine has been stopped in Ontario and will no longer be offered as the first shot. Luckily my husband and I got the Pfizer vaccine first. His second shot was moved up as all natives now qualify for the second shot.

Today my husband is going for an emergency colonoscopy and endoscope. All routine colonoscopies in Ontario have been cancelled/rescheduled or limited during the third wave of the pandemic. We’ve had quite a ride the last couple of weeks as he has been loosing blood internally and had to have a transfusion to increase his red blood cell count. The new blood has helped with many of the issues he’s been having lately, including sudden leg buckling and falls. After his day of purging and liquids only, they will probe him from both ends. I’m uncertain if I want them to find an issue or not. I just want him to get better so he can himself again.

Daily Quote: May 10, 2021

I have made mistakes
but I have never made the mistake
of claiming that I have never made one.

~ James Gordon Bennett (American – Editor Lived: May 10, 1841 – May 14, 1918)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*** National Denim Day ***

*** National Women’s Check-Up Day ***

*** Trust Your Intuition Day ***

Porte Musings:

Wear would we be without National Denim Day? Yes, I used the correct wear, W, E, A, R. Denim is one of the most favorite fashion fabrics. Especially now that we have stretch denim. What could be more comfortable than stretch denim jeans?

Today is also National Women’s Check-Up Day. So for all of my women followers, schedule that check-up appointment, do that self breast exam, get that mammogram and spread them wide for that pap smear. Pay attention to your health there are people depending on you.

Along with that, trust your intuition on Trust Your Intuition Day. If something feels off it probably is. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but your intuition knows.

Daily Quote: May 9, 2021

God gave us memory so that
we might have roses in December.

~ James M. Barrie (British – Playwright; Lived May 9, 1860 to June 19, 1937)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*** Lailatul Qadr ***

*** Lost Sock Memorial Day ***

*** Mother’s Day ***

Porte Musings:

When I first read today’s quote, I thought it said, “God gave us money that we may have roses in winter”. But the meaning is so much different when read correctly, “God gave us memory that we may have roses in winter”. Thank God for our memories that let us have roses in winter, smell childhood scents, and let us talk with our long gone loved ones.

For my Muslim family and friends tonight is the night of power as they celebrate Lailatul Qadr. On this night of the Ramadan Celebration the Quran was sent down from heaven to the Earth. If you stay up all night worshiping God all your sins will be forgiven.

In North America today is also the Lost Sock Memorial Day. A day we set aside to remember all the lost socks. Appropriately Lost Sock Memorial Day is the day after go Barefoot Day. If you can’t find the sock’s mate, just put on 2 socks all of my grandchildren do that. It seems to be a fashion statement these days as we remember all those who are a little different and practice inclusion.

Last but, not least, we celebrate Mother’s Day today. Here’s a special salute to all the Mothers past and present. Enjoy Mother’s Day with your loved ones, even during the Pandemic Lockdown when we’ve been ordered to stay home by the Government (the leaders of which are probably spending the day with their Mothers, children and grandchildren.)

Thank God memories are also captured in photographs. One of my favorite early pictures of myself is a 1957 picture of my Mother holding me my on first Christmas.

Celebrate Life and Enjoy Mother’s Day. ❤

Daily Quote: May 8, 2021

I have found the best way to give advice to your children
is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.

~ Harry S Truman (American – President  May 8, 1884 – December 26, 1972)

Holidays and Celebrations:

***World Migratory Bird Day***

***Native American Day, USA***

***No Socks Day***

Porte Musings:

Here we are at the second Saturday in May. Today is celebrated as World Migratory Bird Day. As many birds are heading to their summer homes the Canadian Geese are already out swimming with their newly hatched goslings. Seven goslings in my first sighting of the season were swimming with their parents in a sheltered area.

In the USA it is Native American Day. A day set aside to celebrate Native American culture and contributions. To bad they didn’t remember that when all natives were forced to leave their lands and re-locate west of the Mississippi. Or just get out and move. The Munsee Delaware Nation relocation started in the 1700’s. From southern New York, northern New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to the Reserve in Muncy Ontario. My husband is a member of this band but much of his heritage was lost as females were “enfranchised” when they married off the Reserve loosing their family connections and Indian Status. Recent changes in Canadian Law have enabled their children, grand children and great grand children to reclaim their status, but the community, extended family connections and traditions are forever lost.

So let’s also celebrate No Socks Day. Take your socks off and walk in the damp grass or find some sunshine warmed sand to sink your toes into. I can’t wait until the tomatoes are planted and ready to pick. Nothing tastes better than fresh tomatoes you have picked from you garden in bare feet.

I’ve been trying to re-vamp the format of Porte Photos blog so it can be changed into a daily Podcast. Try listening to the podcast and let me know what you think of these early podcast days.