Daily Quote: March 7, 2021

Little deeds are like little seeds,
they grow to flowers
or to weeds.

~ Daniel D. Palmer (Canadian – CelebrityMarch 7, 1845 – October 20, 1913)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

So I choose to celebrate Grandmother’s Day  (Fête des Grands-Mères) with France. I’ve just spent 2 days with my oldest grandson and this celebration is overdue. His view always surprises and inspires me. I still remember when we were in the backyard and told me the dandelion in full bloom was a wish flower. So he gleefully grabbed them and blew off all the seeds. Now I look forward to the dandelions to make a batch of wine for the winter, then make wishes with the ones I didn’t harvest.

On Namesake Day we should reflect on where our names come from and why. My mother wanted to call me Dagmar after the German actress. Thank goodness my mother’s visiting aunt told her it was too uncommon in Canada, so I ended up with a common name of Deborah. This probably wasn’t the best choice either as I grew up with 5 Debbie’s in my elementary school class, so I never responded until the teacher called out my last name. I should have corrected the teacher with “That’s Miss Porte to you.” but I never had the courage. It was very disrespectful of the teacher to just yell out “Porte” and I still resent being called just by my last name. At any rate, that’s why I often don’t respond to just my first name.

Today is the 3rd Sunday in Lent. Take time to pray and worship whether you are Christian or not. Meditate and clear your thoughts as we seek to overcome the 2020 Pandemic. Wear your mask, wash your hands and get the vaccine as soon as you can.

Daily Quote, March 5, 2021

If the world seems cold to you,
kindle fires to warm it.

~ Lucy Larcom (American – Poet / March 5, 1824 – April 17, 1893)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

The first Friday in March is designated as World Day of Prayer. In past years churches around the world have combined their efforts to ensure that prayers were said around the world for the entire day. I pray that this sense of unity of all faiths and denominations continues this year as we are hopefully approaching the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Just being able to gather inside churches again will be a joy and a privilege not to be taken for granted again.

Working from home has been a challenge for employees so with today being Employee Appreciation Day be certain to let everyone who’s continued working from home or on the front lines how much you appreciate their efforts throughout the Pandemic.

Our minor celebration for work well done is for our grandchildren as they’ve been potty training. We bought a new potty for the house so when they visit they can continue their good work during their visits to Papa’s and Grandma’s. The new potty even plays a little tune once they’ve completed the task. So be certain to help celebrate National Potty Dance Day. This milestone is especially important for our grandson who has autism. This means he won’t have to wear a diaper into adulthood and will be able to establish independence. Yes, celebrate with a dance for this accomplishment.

Daily Quote: March 3, 2021

Photography, as we all know, is not real at all.
It is an illusion of reality
with which we create our own private world.

~ Arnold Newman (American – Photographer / March 3, 1918 – June 6, 2006)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Photos abstract, portraits or landscape might mirror our observances, but they lock a moment in time and force us to look at the subject as directed through the lens of the photographer. Light bouncing off a frozen river with trees casting shadows for just a moment in time before the sun starts to melt all the snow and the ice moves down the river.

Celebrate the abundant and diverse wildlife today as you celebrate World Wildlife Day. From Aardvarks to Zebras; Ants to Zebra butterflies; microscopic to gigantic all wildlife is celebrated today.

If you’re happy and you know it sing a little smile. Today is also National I Want You to be Happy Day. So share your smiles, songs and happy thoughts as you go about your daily routine. An excellent way to may others happy is to share soup at lunch time as you also celebrate National Soup it Forward Day. I might even find a box of tissues and dig out one of my Chicken Soup for the Soul books to read a collection of heart warming stories.

Daily Quote: March 2, 2021

There is only you and your camera.
The limitations in your photography are in yourself,
for what we see is what we are.

~ Ernst Haas (Austrian – Photographer / March 2, 1921 – September 12, 1986)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

I do not like Green Eggs and Ham….Read a book on Dr. Seuss Day as we celebrate Read Across America Day. Although I’m certain this is only a designated celebration in the USA, I’m also certain Dr. Seuss would be happy if we made it read around the world day.

Unlike the Cat in the Hat, real cats need support. So today is International Rescue Cat Day. A day to remember all the stray and feral cats that have been rescued or still need to be rescued. Don’t just feed them, make sure they are spayed/neutered and give them a good home with love.

After all those of us who celebrate Old Stuff Day, probably have at least one cat to keep the mice away from our old stuff.

I’m so glad COVID-19 restrictions have been changed to ORANGE in London-Middlesex and that we can go to the second hand shops again. There’s nothing I like better than looking through old stuff and finding a bargain or two. ❤

Daily Quote: March 1, 2021

You know you are an artist if you appreciate beauty.

~ Brandon Stanton (American – Photographer / Born: March 1, 1984)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Monday and the beginning of not only a new week, but also a new Month. Welcome March 2021.

Time to remember all the Social Workers as today is the beginning of Social Work Week. It must be a very tough job during the COVID-19 Pandemic. But today there was a win as it was announced that homeless people will now go to the front of the line for the next wave of vaccines. Homeless people have a hard time maintaining basic hygiene and in shelters they are very vulnerable to COVID-19. Many of the shelters have been closed during the pandemic, leaving homeless people to freeze literally on the steps seeking temporary shelter.

Wedding Planners get your pens ready. Today is National Wedding Planning Day. I know I’m ready with camera in hand for the upcoming wedding season. Many people postponed last year and are hoping to be able to have their weddings this year.

So with cameras out today is Share a Smile Day. What nicer way to celebrate than to get a new set of portraits done or just update your profile picture with a new 2021 smile.

For those of us who have retired today is Refired not Retired Day. Without our careers weighing us down many of us have let our artistic side out and started to work full time on our passions. I know I’m going to be busy this summer. I’ve taken on a temporary seasonal job and am also looking forward to my Photography, camping and just enjoying life.

Daily Quote: February 28, 2021

My life has been full of terrible misfortunes
most of which never happened.

~ Michel de Montaigne (French – Philosopher / February 28, 1533 – September 13, 1592)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

The last day in February is the day that we remember Rare Disease Day. On a leap year this would be February 29th. But like people who are born February 29th, this day is remembered as Rare Disease Day on February 28th when we aren’t in a leap year.

Today is also National Science Day. One time science was called witchcraft, now we honour it as truth and advances in mankind. Cures for disease and new worlds are being discovered by Science. Now if we could only rid the world of the rare diseases.

Sometimes you’re just so tired you could sleep anywhere. Today it’s OK to sleep in public as we celebrate National Public Sleeping Day. Although I personally don’t like to sleep in public because you are so vulnerable when you sleep. Sweet Dreams ❤

Almost forgot today is the Second Sunday in Lent. Easter is getting closer and so is spring.

Daily Quote: February 25, 2021

The measure of success is not
whether you have a tough problem to deal with,
but whether it is the same problem
you had last year.

~ John Foster Dulles (American – Public Servant / February 25, 1888 – May 24, 1959)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

In the age of growing claims of equality today is set aside as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. It’s so important for Girl Power that we let them know they can be anything, even a well paid Engineer. I worked in the Engineering profession as a technician and never knew how much Engineers made before I had started working with them. Using Math and Science to solve problems and find new, more efficient ways of doing things with reasoning and proven methodology. As one of my sons’ friends said: Oh, saving money for the corporation. I like to add: while improving the work conditions and safety of employees.

Nutritionists not only have to deal with the science of food but the appeal. So let’s recognize our nutritionists and dieticians by celebrating Let’s all East Right Day. What better way to celebrate than by eating Chili as today is also National Chili Day. I think the UK have gotten it right by going a step further by pairing National Chili Day with National Toast Day. So eat right today by having chili and toast either for lunch or supper. ❤

Daily Quote: February 23, 2021

Education must not simply teach work
– it must teach Life.

~ W. E. B. Du Bois (American – Writer / February 23, 1868 – August 27, 1963)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Today is National Rationalization Day. Re-examine all the excuses you’ve given for failure or undone tasks and you can correct your reasoning. Or you can rationalize that it’s a good reason to take some time off work. While you’re busy rationalizing, also celebrate World Understanding and Peace Day. One of the standard answers in any beauty contest is that if the person could do anything what would they do: World Peace. Peace can only be accomplished through understanding and the way to understanding is through education, whether it be formal or continued informal learning.

Today is also very important for your pets. It is World Spay Day. Nowhere did I see the dedication for spaying feral cats more than when I vacationed in Zephyrhills Florida. Pasco County supported a catch, spay and release program. For only $10 you could bring feral cats to the Planned Pethood Clinic in a live catch cage and they would be spayed/neutered and given rabies shots. We participated in the program and had neighbours that generously donated to ensure the feral cats were taken care of and wouldn’t be left to have endless batches of kittens. Spayed/Neutered cats would have their ear notched so you could easily identify them. The feral cats were wonderful for keeping the mice and gecko population under control. In Harlingen Texas feral cats often became community cats in our Trailer Park. They kept the pack rats from doing extensive property damage.

Daily Quote: February 22, 2021

All of my work comes out of a deep concern
for human expansion into the landscape.

~ Edward Burtynsky (Canadian – Photographer Born: February 22, 1955

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

I’m celebrating World Thinking Day by wondering about urban sprawl. The picture for today’s quote is an open field covered in snow. This privately owned field is part of the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc’s development plan. Within a few years this open field adjacent to the St. Clair Conservation Area will be filled with roads and about 200 houses for a new subdivision. The animals that pass through here will probably continue to do so, but people will be offended that the animals dare to trespass on their yards. I’ve seen deer, turkeys, killdeer, ducks, pileated woodpeckers, geese, squirrels, red-tailed hawks, and many other animals in the area adjacent to this field (deer and turkeys in the field & signs of coyote). So I will be taking pictures over the next while to document what the field looks like before, during and after “development”.

Ironically today is also World Wildlife Day. A day set aside to take note about endangered species throughout the world. Often we think of these issues being somewhere far away and not in our own backyards. I know that we need more affordable housing, but what is the cost of using up all the open fields in the name of progress? Should we be creating a green-belt in Strathroy-Caradoc?

I guess the best way for me to celebrate Walking the Dog Day, is to take Rickie for a walk along the open field portion of the trails and enjoy the open field while we still can.

Celebrating National Margarita Day sounds like an excellent way to end a Monday. A little lime and tequila with salt is always good.

Daily Quote: February 21, 2021

Fear not that thy life shall come to an end,
but rather that it shall never have a beginning.

~ John Henry Newman (British – Clergyman / February 21, 1801 – August 11, 1890)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

I woke up with an insatiable itch on the bottom of my left foot. I rubbed it briskly over my right foot to no avail. Finally I broke down and put some moisturizer on it, only to find even though it brought some relief it didn’t satisfy the itch. So I went on-line to see what superstitions were associated with this omen. Of course the obvious was that it indicated travel, the right foot would be a planned voyage, the left foot meaning an unforeseen voyage or bump on the road. As always interpretations aren’t necessarily literal, and they could either mean change either planned or unplanned.

So on the First Sunday of Lent we are looking forward to change.

We should probably start by celebrating Single Tasking Day. Do one thing at a time. Turn of the games on the phone while waiting and just live in the moment.

We could do that by getting out all the old greeting cards we’ve received over the years and read them, taking time just to remember the people we’ve received them from and celebrate Card Reading Day.

There is no way to read old cards and greetings without celebrating Language Day. Remember all the various languages throughout the world. An interesting fact on the radio this morning was that Cree is the most spoken Indigenous Language in Canada with more than 92,000 people speaking Cree.