Daily Quote: February 22, 2022

It is far better to be alone,
than to be in bad company.

~ George Washington
American – President / February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799

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Porte Musings:

Who’d have thunk it? Today is World Thinking Day. So let your mind wander and organize your thoughts or just gather some wool as you celebrate.

Today is also World Spay Day. Remember to get your pets spayed or neutered. If all of your pets are already spayed or neutered, you can always participate in your local catch and release program. If you’re not able to participate you can always donate.

And let’s sit back to enjoy some salt and tequila tonight as we celebrate National Margarita Day. 😉

Daily Quote: February 22, 2021

All of my work comes out of a deep concern
for human expansion into the landscape.

~ Edward Burtynsky (Canadian – Photographer Born: February 22, 1955

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Porte Musings:

I’m celebrating World Thinking Day by wondering about urban sprawl. The picture for today’s quote is an open field covered in snow. This privately owned field is part of the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc’s development plan. Within a few years this open field adjacent to the St. Clair Conservation Area will be filled with roads and about 200 houses for a new subdivision. The animals that pass through here will probably continue to do so, but people will be offended that the animals dare to trespass on their yards. I’ve seen deer, turkeys, killdeer, ducks, pileated woodpeckers, geese, squirrels, red-tailed hawks, and many other animals in the area adjacent to this field (deer and turkeys in the field & signs of coyote). So I will be taking pictures over the next while to document what the field looks like before, during and after “development”.

Ironically today is also World Wildlife Day. A day set aside to take note about endangered species throughout the world. Often we think of these issues being somewhere far away and not in our own backyards. I know that we need more affordable housing, but what is the cost of using up all the open fields in the name of progress? Should we be creating a green-belt in Strathroy-Caradoc?

I guess the best way for me to celebrate Walking the Dog Day, is to take Rickie for a walk along the open field portion of the trails and enjoy the open field while we still can.

Celebrating National Margarita Day sounds like an excellent way to end a Monday. A little lime and tequila with salt is always good.

Daily Quote: February 22, 2020

All of my work comes out of a deep concern for human expansion into the landscape.
~ Edward Burtynsky (Canadian – Photographer / Born: February 22, 1955)

Margarita Day

World Thinking Day

Wildlife Day

Combining thoughts of Wildlife Day and Edwards Burtynsky’s concern for human expansion into the landscape:

Many nature reserves are located adjacent to power plants, airports or flood plains…areas less desirable for residential or commercial building.

Power lines, highways, windmills, new condos, high rise apartments and hotels all changing the landscape.  Then people wonder why black bears, coyotes, opossums, armadillos, raccoons, snakes, lizzards and insects are wandering through their yards

Building “The Wall” could have a significant impact on wildlife migration/movement across the Rio Grande changing how wildlife eats/mates/moves from Canada to Mexico.  But, the construction continues to mar the landscape and limit the natural movement of butterflies, deer and birds.