Daily Quote: October 8, 2021

Friends are the sunshine of life.

~ John Hay
American – Writer / October 8, 1838 – July 1, 1905

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

International Lesbian Day is set aside for all of my lesbian friends and acquaintances. May you continue to shine your light in the world with the love of your lives without discrimination.

It’s easy to celebrate World Egg Day. Just have an egg. I’m so thankful I can eat eggs again. A nice dippy egg on toast is such a treat.

Last night my co-workers (all women) from the Federal Election got together for a craft night. A special thanks to Kelly and her partner, who supplied all the materials and opened their home to us to be able to make sleighs and lanterns. It was a very enjoyable evening of using brad-nailers and stain to create something. It reminded me of the Women’s Home Depot events I attended in Florida where I met Delilah.