Daily Quote: October 30


Step by step and the thing is done.
~ Charles Atlas (October 30, 1892 – December 23, 1972)

Growing up in the 1960’s advertisements by Charles Atlas were in magazines and on the backs of comics.  How to build a strong body through regular exercise so no one will kick sand in your face at the beach.

Each small step adds up to accomplish a goal or healthy way of life.

Being a Project Management Officer in my work life/career, this statement rings truer than Charles Atlas probably ever thought.  Large Projects are done the same as small ones.  Make a Project Management Plan.  Develop a WBS (Work Break Down Structure) to provide the basis for any project.  What steps are necessary to complete a task?  How do the tasks interact?  What’s the lead/lag time?  Each small packet completed and ticked off to mark the progress towards a goal.  What’s the cost associated with each task?  Are you on schedule? budget? time?  What milestones must be met?  How to celebrate milestones?  What Lessons were learned?  Closeout.

Hamilton Mountain ride

The same rules apply to any goal you want to achieve.  Wanna learn to ride a motorcycle at 50?  Find a place that offers lessons.  Buy a motorcycle.  Buy the correct safety clothes – helmet, boots, gloves, coat.  Take the lessons.  If you fall, get up and try it again.  If you fail, take the course again.

Get a bigger motorcycle. Practice til you can do it.  Enjoy!

Devil’s Night

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Daily Quote: October 25

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Take the back roads instead of the highways.
~ Minnie Pearl (October 25, 1912 – March 4, 1996)

God has a plan for all of us,
but He expects us to do our share of the work.

~ Minnie Pearl (October 25, 1912 – March 4, 1996)

National Greasy Foods Day

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Daily Quote: October 21


They’ve seen girls in sexy Pocahontas costumes,
but I showed them the real deal.
~ Ashley Callingbull-Burnham (Born: October 21, 1989)

Ashley Callingbull-Burnham.  Born October 21, 1989 Enoch Cree Nation, Alberta. As a youth of ten she was winning local princess crowns. She studied drama at university in Edmonton, Alberta. She was chosen Miss Canada and participated in the Miss Friendship International Pageant, Hubei China and the Queen of the World Final held in Germany that same year.  In 2011 she was in Barbados participating  in the Miss Humanity International pageant. As an actress she has a role in the series Blackstone, produced in Canada for APTN and Showcase television. In 2013 she was the runner-up in the Miss Universe Canada pageant. In 2015 she married Ryan Burnham. In August 29, 2015 Ashley became the 1st Canadian and 1st indigenous  woman to win the Mrs. Universe title. In 2016 she participated with her step-father in the TV series The Amazing Race Canada.

*Taken from Do you Share a birthday with a famous Canadian Woman?

Celebration of the Mind Day

Canadian Federal Election Day – 2019

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Daily Quote: October 18


That’s wonderful.
And what did you do with the money?
~ Miriam Hopkins (October 18, 1902 – October 9, 1972)

Tobacco kilns, no longer used, dot the countryside in Southwestern Ontario.  Many of the residents that grew-up in tobacco country relied on seasonal earnings for their livelihoods.  I worked during tobacco seasons to contribute to my University Tuition.  While many employed in the tobacco industry were just trying to make a living for their families.  Cancer spread among the users, workers, farmers and residents of Tobacco Country.  Not only due to the use of tobacco, but also the chemicals and poisons (DDT and Round-up) used to increase crop production.  I remember, as a child, running out to see the field in our back yard when the crop dusting airplanes dropped their toxic concoctions over head.

Then, the harmful effects of smoking were documented, the demand for tobacco and tobacco products decreased.  Huge tobacco companies were sued.  The kilns and fields were abandoned.

Now the sandy fields are turning to alternative crops.  Some farmers tried peanuts, ginseng, lavender and hops.  The newest and biggest money maker is “Weed” as it has now been legalized in Canada for non–medicinal use.  The hope is that cannabis can cure cancer, epilepsy, or even dementia.  If not, at least it will help ease the suffering of other diseases including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

NATIONAL MAMMOGRAPHY DAY – Third Friday in October

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