Revised July 2021

Freelance Photography within 40 KM of Strathroy ON CANADA N7G 1V5

Weddings: minimum of $300 for 2 hours (additional fees for additional time) and includes a 1/2 hour engagement Photography Session. 
Maternity & Newborn combination: minimum $100 includes 1/2 hour Maternity and 1/2 hour Newborn Sessions.
Family Photos: minimum $100 (1 hour family photo session)
Real Estate (or AirB&B): minimum $100
Events: minimum $100 (1 hour event coverage additional fees for additional time)
Prints: $20 for 8×10″ (+ shipping) your choice of any published quote on Porte Photos

Daily Quote: March 1, 2021

You know you are an artist if you appreciate beauty.

~ Brandon Stanton (American – Photographer / Born: March 1, 1984)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Monday and the beginning of not only a new week, but also a new Month. Welcome March 2021.

Time to remember all the Social Workers as today is the beginning of Social Work Week. It must be a very tough job during the COVID-19 Pandemic. But today there was a win as it was announced that homeless people will now go to the front of the line for the next wave of vaccines. Homeless people have a hard time maintaining basic hygiene and in shelters they are very vulnerable to COVID-19. Many of the shelters have been closed during the pandemic, leaving homeless people to freeze literally on the steps seeking temporary shelter.

Wedding Planners get your pens ready. Today is National Wedding Planning Day. I know I’m ready with camera in hand for the upcoming wedding season. Many people postponed last year and are hoping to be able to have their weddings this year.

So with cameras out today is Share a Smile Day. What nicer way to celebrate than to get a new set of portraits done or just update your profile picture with a new 2021 smile.

For those of us who have retired today is Refired not Retired Day. Without our careers weighing us down many of us have let our artistic side out and started to work full time on our passions. I know I’m going to be busy this summer. I’ve taken on a temporary seasonal job and am also looking forward to my Photography, camping and just enjoying life.

Daily Quote: December 24, 2020

Composition in photography
is like rhythm in music.

~ Rodney Smith (American Photographer: December 24, 2020 – December 5, 2016)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*Christmas Eve 2020 in Ontario and everyone is preparing for the Province Wide Lockdown starting Boxing Day (December 26, 2020). Our last time to be officially permitted to see family/friends in groups of 5 or less. With the vaccine being approved and distribution starting the number of vaccines available is still less than 1% of the population. Essential workers and the most vulnerable will receive the vaccine first. A vaccine hasn’t even been developed/approved yet for children.

*Weddings during the pandemic of 2020 certainly were different compared to what we had become accustomed to. The size of the wedding in mid-December 2020 was limited to 30 including the wedding party and officiant. Face masks were worn as people walked down the aisle, sat in their seats and witnessed the signing of the documents. Plexiglass shields were required if live music was to be included. Lysol wipes and disinfectant spray was required as soon as the live music was completed. In this picture of the December 12th, 2020 wedding the wipes and spray are still sitting at the bride’s feet. The Bride and Groom are signing the documents behind plexiglass. The witnesses are wearing their masks. And the officiant is advising where to sign on the other side of the plexiglass. The plexiglass holders (built by my husband and painted by me) were an original design to ensure we met the COVID-19 restrictions. To me this picture resonates with the love and determination of people to keep things as normal as possible during the pandemic.

To learn more about the quote I paired with my photograph (quote by Rodney Smith) please go to the link:

Daily Quote: December 21, 2020

We are all born for love.
It is the principle of existence,
and its only end.

~ Benjamin Disraeli (British – Statesman December 21, 1804 – April 19, 1881)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*My new daughter-in-law shared her photographer’s pictures with us yesterday. It seems so strange and wonderful to see all the beautiful pictures. I’m glad that her photographer also let others take pictures so we can put all the photos together for wonderful memories.

*The shortest day of the year and the longest night of the year is celebrated by every religion on earth. The beginning of Yule and now we usually celebrate the victory of day over night as the days start to get longer on our journey to spring. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic we will be celebrating alone in our homes as Ontario faces a major 28 day shut down because the numbers just keep increasing.


LocationTotal casesNew cases
(1 day*)
New cases
(last 60 days)
Cases per 1 million peopleDeaths
Worldwide76,836,147700,84660-day trend chart9,8811,693,447
United States17,881,330179,80160-day trend chart54,259317,800
Source: Wikipedia


LocationTotal casesNew cases (1 day*)New cases (last 60 days)Cases per 1 million peopleDeaths
Worldwide76,836,147700,84660-day trend chart9,8811,693,447
Canada507,797No data60-day trend chart13,37014,228
Quebec176,9852,14660-day trend chart21,5457,736
Ontario159,8712,12260-day trend chart11,7564,167
Source: Wikipedia

Daily Quote: December 13


The Wedding March always reminds me of the music played when soldiers go into battle.
~ Heinrich Heine (December 13, 1797 – February 17, 1856)

December 13

Day of the Horse

Lost and Found Day

2020 is shaping up to be the year of family weddings I’m looking forward to dancing with my family and friends at these events.  The first date to be confirmed was 10/10/2020.

I’m so envious of Wedding Photographers.  They charge huge prices for their services and have an exclusive market.  Many of the Wedding Photographers now don’t even permit the guests to take pictures (I still think it’s because the photographer is worried they might not get the best pictures).  Recent weddings I’ve gone to have paid more than $5,000 (I hear it can go up to $10,000) for their photographer and only get a few hard copies.  I could hardly believe that people wait more than 3 months to receive their edited jpg’s.  To me if you’re paying that much for a photographer the timeline should be within 2 weeks.

I understand that its a “once in a lifetime event” that you can’t afford not to have good pictures, and that the photographer has invested in expensive equipment.

Contact me.  My price is only $100 per hour (free engagement photos at the time of contract signing).