Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: November 21, 2022

If you lose wonder,
you’ve lost everything.

~ Goldie Hawn
American – Actress Born: November 21, 1945

Porte Ponderings:

My youngest sister had her Annual Christmas Tea on the weekend. She collects and displays Dicken’s figures. This year she arranged them according to location in London England. Complete with the Queen’s coffin at one end and the working train at the other. Her collection grows every year as she scours sales on line and in person. Buying a whole lot just to get one building or character, then selling duplicates. So much so she’s become familiar with the local post office staff and invited them to come see her extensive collection. She now has 120 buildings on display.

This sense of wonder and excitement continues and brings joy to her to include others in her annual tea.

Daily Quotes: December 16, 2020

I never expected that.
I didn’t aim for that.
All I wanted was to get some nice pictures of trains at night.

~ O. Winston Link (American – Photographer / December 16, 1914 – January 30, 2001)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*O. Winston Link is another example of people who followed their passions and became famous for doing so. His was night-time photos of trains. By following his desire to get “some good pictures of trains at night” he was a major pioneer of night time photography. And he is famous for his pictures of trains at night as the steam engines faded into history.

*Less than 10 days ’til Christmas. Did you buy everything to give to your loved ones? Have you made your list yet? Have you got your Christmas cards mailed. Time to getter done…….