Daily Quote: May 2, 2020

It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.
~ Jerome K. Jerome (English – AuthorMay 2, 1859 – June 14, 1927)

Thank a Teacher Day

Kentucky Derby

During COVID-19 Pandemic we are all understanding the value of people being able to go to work.  We’re all able to testify that it is impossible to enjoy idling when we have to stay home.  That’s why so many people are doing as much as possible on line.  Everything from learning a new skill, to sharing their skills, to having Communion on line

Like many other events the Kentucky Derby has been re-scheduled to September.  “The official race is postponed until September, but Churchill Downs will host an exciting computer-generated one instead.”   Press here for directions on how to watch the Virtual Reality Version.

And of course, learning on line was expedited for all the Ontario students.  So don’t forget to “Thank a Teacher” today as they lead the online courses and provide extra help virtually.