Daily Quote: August 24, 2021

Reading makes immigrants of us all.
It takes us away from home,
but more important,
it finds homes for us everywhere.

~ Jean Rhys
(English – NovelistAugust 24, 1894 – May 14, 1979)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Today is a remembrance of one of the lesser celebrated apostles, Bartholomew (Bart).

Today is also National Waffle Day, so be certain to enjoy a waffle or two.

For some people every day is Weather Complaint Day. Here we are approaching the end of August and still a major heat warning is in effect for most of Ontario. Today the high will be 32C and feeling like 44C. So keep cool, and drink plenty of fluids. It looks like we could have thunderstorms this afternoon and throughout the night, but no relief for the heat and humidity is in the forecast.

Daily Quote: August 24, 2020

Nobody ever died of laughter.
~ Max Beerbohm
(English – Actor / August 24, 1872 – May 20, 1956)

August 24 Celebrations & Holidays:

St Bartholomew

National Waffle Day

If no one ever died of laughter, why don’t we let our inner child out more? Play with abandon, Smile more often, And let those belly laughs out.