Daily Quote: January 25, 2021

O my Luve is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune …

~ Robbie Burns (Scottish – Poet / January 25, 1759 – July 21, 1796)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

I recently submitted my DNA to Ancestry.ca for analysis. The results, though not completely surprising showed a larger amount of Scottish origin than I had anticipated. So, although I’ll celebrate the poetry of Robbie Burn’s Night, I’m not very likely to eat haggis, but I’ll drink a bit of whisky and toast to your health.

Keeping with my Irish roots, I’d much rather have an Irish Coffee, a combination of coffee, rich cream and good Irish whisky. There seems to be a link here with a whisky theme.

Perhaps the misunderstanding is why it was necessary to devote a day for Better Business Communication. I spent part of my career writing procedures for different work centres at the London Mail Processing Plant. The most important part of COPSYS (Corporate Operating Systems) was the layout and sortation schematics. Changes were documented and posted as Information Book Notices. I enjoyed the technical writing and the challenge of implementing changes according to change control procedures. Yes, the job of Configurations Control Officer was one that I enjoyed.

My heart goes out to the people at the Gateway Processing Facility in Mississauga Ontario, as more than 160 cases have been confirmed on #3 shift (Afternoon shift). More than 4,500 people work at Gateway. Mail Sortation Clerks, Lettercarriers, and various Managers/Directors. I’m certain as many as possible are working remotely, but the front line workers and lettercarriers can only do their jobs in person. It’s ironic that mail volumes are hitting record highs as parcels and home delivery soars during the pandemic.

Today marks the first year anniversary of the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Canada. While remaining under lockdown during the second wave, I thought it would be a good time to look at the numbers:


LocationTotal casesNew cases (1 day*)New cases (last 60 days)Cases per 1 million peopleDeaths
Worldwide99,237,358600,79060-day trend chart12,7622,130,497
United States25,177,522129,52760-day trend chart76,398419,207
Source: Wikipedia


LocationTotal casesNew cases (1 day*)New cases (last 60 days)Cases per 1 million peopleDeaths
Worldwide99,237,358600,79060-day trend chart12,7622,130,497
Canada747,383No data60-day trend chart19,67919,094
Ontario259,6472,24460-day trend chart19,0945,811
Source: Wikipedia

Daily Quote: September 17, 2020

We all wish to reach a ripe old age,
but none of us are prepared to admit that we are already there.
~ Francisco de Quevedo (Spanish – WriterSeptember 17, 1580 – September 8, 1645)

Holidays and Celebrations: September 17, 2020

National Professional House Cleaners Day-USA

Constitution/Citizenship Day -USA

When is old age?  10 or 20 years from now.

What is old?  Our perspective on what is old changes as we age.  When we are 2, old is our older cousins.  When we are 10 we think it is 18. When we hit puberty old is anyone over 30.  When we hit 30 we think old starts at 50.  When we retire we think old is 80 or 90.  At 90 we think old is 110.

That being said our elderly population that require nursing home assistance have been the hardest hit during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Terrible living conditions were observed in many nursing homes when the army was called in to assist with the pandemic.  The elderly need to be given a voice and taken care of with dignity and respect.

Daily Quote: May 9, 2020

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.
~ James M. Barrie (British – Playwright May 9, 1860 – June 19, 1937)

World Migratory Bird Day

National Babysitters Day

Letter Carrier’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day

(USA – Postponed)  Stamp Out Hunger

Snow in May.  Yes it happens, but we are all in shock as the temperatures dipped below freezing.  By next weekend the temperatures will return to seasonal temperatures.  It’s as if Mother Nature wanted to remind us in Ontario that we shouldn’t plant our tender annuals until after May 24.

Tomorrow will be Mother’s Day and many will be blessed enough to have “Porch Visits” with their Mothers.

COVID-19 continues it’s global control by cancelling events and reminding us to continue social distancing.  Although the regulations are loosening, in Ontario the social distancing remains in effect until after May 19, 2020.  I’ve extended my “Porch Photos” promotion until May 19th.


Daily Quote: December 11

Quote 2019-12-11.jpg

At every step the child should be allowed to meet the real experience of life;
the thorns should never be plucked from his roses.
~Ellen Key (December 11, 1849 – April 25, 1926)

International Mountain Day

Meet your mountain
climb to its top.
Nurture your rose
smell its sweet fragrance.
Spread your sunshine
embrace others within its rays.
-Deborah Porte