Daily Quote: March 31, 2021

I think;
therefore I am.

~ Rene Descartes (French – Mathematician / March 31, 1596 – February 11, 1650)

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Porte Musings:

The last day of March 2021 and we remember Rene Descartes birthday. I saw a recent episode of Young Sheldon in which Sheldon is faced with the philosophical question of how do we know we aren’t dreaming and that we are real. Sheldon has a short breakdown and dreams about speaking with Rene Descartes. The revelation in the dream is: I think; therefore I am.

Today is also International Transgender Day of Visibility. Dedicated to help preserve the safety and health of Transgender persons by remembering their contributions to society. Two spirit people who don’t fit into the normal gender assumed roles. Often trapped by biology rather than societal norms they seek to contribute and be recognized as a part of family, neighbours and society.

Appropriately today is also National Crayon Day. Crayons are the most readily and common art medium available. Everyone has used a crayon to colour. Often outside the lines and choosing colours to suite their mood, or whatever is left in the box when it’s their turn to choose. A virtual rainbow living inside the crayon box. Why not spend some time today colouring either on a preprinted piece of paper or free-style on a blank page to make your own drawing?

The weather is turning cold again as often it does in early spring. Cold weather in Florida means concerns for Manatee. Manatee Appreciation Day is celebrated by recognizing these peaceful mermaids of the sea. Power plants in Florida provide warm waters where the Manatee gather to escape the colder water of the Gulf in the spring. Viewing centres have been dedicated to seeing the Manatee near Apollo Beach. It’s amazing to see these wonderful creatures in the clear water underneath the boardwalks.

Manatee swimming at the Manatee Viewing Center, Big Bend Power Station, Apollo Beach Florida
February 2014

Daily Quote: March 31, 2020

I think; therefore I am.
~ Rene Descartes
(French – Mathematician March 31, 1596 – February 11, 1650)


National Sunflower Day
(Día Nal. del Girasol) – Argentina


COVID-19 Pandemic continues.  We are now at Day 13 of Quarantine after travel.  My youngest son picked up bread and milk for us.  We are still waiting to hear how my stepson is on his trucking adventure home where he will get testing done to see if he has COVID-19.

5,655 cases including 61 deaths have been reported in Canada (overall case fatality rate of 1.1%)  The worst news was from a retirement home in  Bobcaygeon Ontario where 7 confirmed COVID-19 people have died of the 65 residents. (an additional 2 died from other natural causes and 10 staff are awaiting test results).

In comparison there are at least 155,252 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US and at least 2,828 people have died in the US from COVID-19.  Just a reminder that Canada has only about 10% of the total population of the USA.

President Trump has extended the shut down in the USA until April 30th.  He stated that Easter was just a hopeful date.