Busch Gardens Christmas Town 2018

Always worthwhile getting the annual pass for Busch Gardens.  The season ticket types have changed.  Be certain to renew in person for the best deals: seniors discount and a discount for renewing.

The Christmas Town sites, shows and sounds were amazing.

Christmas on Ice fantasy skating at the Moroccan Palace:

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Stanleyville Theatre Christmas carols:

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As well as all the other amazing sights on site:

Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone

Week four of the Real Music Real Masters Series at Busch Gardens was Herman’s Hermts starring Peter Noone.  I attended their 155th performance on Monday at Busch Gardens.  The “Noonies” were out in full force with their T shirts and lights.  Peter Noone’s amazing voice and audience interaction, even when performing “I’m Henry the 8th” for more than the 1 Millionth time, continues to thrill and takes us back to our days of youth.

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This week’s animal walk after the show:

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On the way to see Herman’s Hermits we met this bird:

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October 2016 Colours

Fall 2016 will be remembered as one of the most colourful and longest lasting autumn colour displays.

Sunday, October 23rd I was lucky enough to be invited to do family photos for my neice.  We went for a wonderful Sunday walk through Springbank Park, in London ON.

What a perfect day.  The weather, the fall colours and her amazing family.


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