Daily Quote: December 31, 2020

How deeply seated in the human heart is the liking for gardens and gardening.

~ Alexander Smith (Scottish – Poet / December 31, 1830 – January 5, 1867)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

*The last day of 2020 and on the precipice of a new year. I wonder about the last year and what resolutions should I make for 2021. There’s the usual: loose weight, be more active, spend more time with family, keep a journal, publish my Daily Quote…..

We certainly won’t be going dancing tonight while the province remains under lockdown waiting and praying for the pandemic to come to an end.

I will be an age I never thought I would see. I always thought I would be like my mother’s family and die young. So I lived fast. I got married as soon as I was almost done university, when I was only 22. I had 3 beautiful sons by the age of 30. I worked at one place of employment for 32 years and was able to retire at 55. I’ve been married to the same man for almost 42 years. Now that I’m approaching 64 I’m glad I did things early. It’s so much joy to see my grandchildren while I can still walk, swim, camp and bicycle with them. Now I think I may live to a ripe old age like my paternal grandmother and may still have another 30 years to fill with hobbies, activities and love.

Gardening, traveling, visiting, reading, cooking, eating, reading, kayaking, walking, biking, knitting, camping, photographing and all the other “ings” still to do and enjoy.

So in keeping with Irish tradition, tonight I’ll open all the doors to usher out the old year and let the new one in. Looking forward to life returning to normal. And I’ll put coins over the doors to ensure another year of wealth and good luck.

Daily Quote: December 31

Beware of your habits.
The better they are the more surely they will be your undoing.
~ Holbrook Jackson (December 31, 1874 – June 16, 1948)

New Year’s Eve

A solemn time to stop and evaluate the past year.
Write down your thoughts
Plan your new goals
Make your New Year’s Resolutions

    • Strive to be better.
    • Lose weight.
    • Exercise more. 
    • Eat healthier.
    • Drink more water.
    • Worship, pray and meditate daily.
    • Spend more time with loved ones.
    • Walk the dog daily.
    • Tend your garden.
    • De-clutter your home.
    • Learn a new skill.
    • Love more.  
    • Stress less.
    • Go somewhere new.
    • Feel the sunshine/rain/wind.
    • Knit gifts.
    • Make memories.
    • Journal.
    • Take pictures.
    • Live to the best you can.
    • Start a new Project.
    • Finish an old Project.