Daily Quote: November 6, 2020

Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.

~ Cesare Lombroso (Italian – Psychologist November 6, 1835 – October 19, 1909)

Holidays and Celebrations:

The first Friday in November 2020 is already here, but the weather is too fine to be November. We moved our summer trailer to the new site for next year. The next 3 days are almost 18C with sunshine, more like late summer than mid-autumn. The trees are for the most part naked except for a few hardy yellows that remain. The geese are practicing for their journey south and many Canadians are wishing they could join the geese, but the Canada/USA border remains closed for non-commercial travel. Many Canadian snowbirds are scrambling to find alternate accommodations for winter. We are very lucky that I refuse to sell my 1890’s yellow brick house. To me our house, that’s been here for 130 years reminds me of stability in an ever changing world. My home isn’t historically significant and has been modernized on the interior, but it is the place I call home.