Daily Quote: December 23, 2021

He who never made a mistake, never made a discovery.

~ Samuel Smiles
Scottish – Author / December 23, 1812 – April 16, 1904

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

As Christmas approaches get ready to talk to your family about their roots. Today is National Roots Day. Learn the stories about where you came from. My husband learned through DNA this year that his father wasn’t his biological father. He has a new sister and brothers through this discovery.

Check your closets. Do you still have gifts from last year in the original packaging? If so you may be able to help save the environment and regift to someone who would like it. There are some rules on National Regifting Day. Do not regift handmade items that were made for you. Do not regift items that have been used or no longer have the original packaging. Only regift items that would be appreciated by the recipient.

Small spicy hard cookies or Pfeffernusse are celebrated today. So try some of these small nut sized cookies on National Pfeffernusse Day.

Daily Quote December 23, 2020:

Too many photographers try too hard.
They try to lift photography into the realm of Art,
because they have an inferiority complex about their Craft.
You and I would see more interesting photography if they would stop worrying,
and instead, apply horse-sense to the problem of recording the look and feel of their own era.

~ Jessie Tarbox Beals (Canadian Photographer / December 231870May 301942)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*On the eve of Christmas Eve (Just 3 days before the Ontario Lock Down) be certain to take lots of photos of your loved ones. They may be all we get to see of them for the next 28 days once the lock down is in force. There certainly is a need to ensure that the COVID-19 pandemic is recorded in pictures to show the effect of everyday life in 2020. Weddings with masks, shopping line-ups, patients being turned in hospital beds, the faces of those to be remembered…..

Simple moments and simple pictures to document how we are living in 2020 with all the conflicted opinions of what is right to do during the pandemic.

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