Daily Quote: October 26, 2021

The word is half Greek, half Latin.
No good can come of it.

~ C. P. Scott
British – Journalist / October 26, 1846 – January 1, 1932

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Pumpkins line the country roadsides as we celebrate National Pumpkin Day. This year direct from the farmer is about $10-12, but the big box stores like Walmart and Superstore are selling them for under $3. Wherever you choose to buy your pumpkin, today’s the day to do it.

Or if you like being stubborn today is your day: National Mule Day.

Or you could celebrate Worldwide Howl at the Moon Day. Get out there tonight and do your best howl. LOL

Daily Quote: October 26, 2020

Old age is the most unexpected
of all things that happen to a man.

~ Leon Trotsky (Russian – Revolutionary / October 26, 1879 – August 21, 1940)

Holidays and Celebrations:

National Pumpkin Day (Canada)

Lá Saoire i mí Dheireadh Fómhair (Ireland)

We celebrated National Pumpkin Day yesterday. We shared a wonderful slow-cooker roast beef and onions; with whipped potatoes, gravy, mixed vegetables (and chicken strips for my grandchildren). I learned that my future daughter-in-law doesn’t like cinnamon and my grandson doesn’t like apple pieces in his cake. My son brought 4 large pumpkins in after supper and we made jack-o-lanterns.