Daily Quote: September 24, 2021

The game of life is a game of boomerangs.
Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us
sooner or later with astounding accuracy.

~ Florence Scovel Shinn
American – Artist / September 24, 1871 – October 17, 1940

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

September 24th is the day to get out the perfumed paper and write a Love Note on Love Note Day. I remember sending scented notes to my husband, knowing full well that his family worked at the local Post Office and would sort the letters for him.

For those of you lucky enough to live near your loved ones, celebrate Kiss Day. Kiss them in this time of COVID. But make sure you’re both double vacinated for at least 14 days. COVID vaccine passports are now a reality in Ontario where you need to have your proof of vaccination ready before you enter for in store eating and non-essential places of businesss.

May you have a wonderful National Bluebird of Happiness Day.

If not celebrate with National Cherries Jubilee Day. A wonderful treat for the soul and the mouth.

Daily Quote: September 24, 2020

I don’t need a lot of money.
Simplicity is the answer for me.

~ Linda McCartney (American – Photographer September 24, 1941 – April 17, 1998)

Holidays and Celebrations:

World Maritime Day

National Cherries Jubilee Day – USA

So many thoughts today. The first is of Linda McCartney, photographer. An amazing talent who was known to put her subjects at ease she was able to photograph the greatest rock and roll groups of all times. She died of breast cancer at the age of 56. Please be certain to be screened for Breast Cancer. Early detection can lead to successful treatment.

Another thought is of National Cherries Jubilee Day. This spring I had my first cherries jubilee with my good friend, Shirley, as we went on a day trip to Progreso, Mexico. The combination of hot sweet cherries and ice cream was almost as amazing as the show for the preparation.