Daily Quote: May 9, 2021

God gave us memory so that
we might have roses in December.

~ James M. Barrie (British – Playwright; Lived May 9, 1860 to June 19, 1937)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*** Lailatul Qadr ***

*** Lost Sock Memorial Day ***

*** Mother’s Day ***

Porte Musings:

When I first read today’s quote, I thought it said, “God gave us money that we may have roses in winter”. But the meaning is so much different when read correctly, “God gave us memory that we may have roses in winter”. Thank God for our memories that let us have roses in winter, smell childhood scents, and let us talk with our long gone loved ones.

For my Muslim family and friends tonight is the night of power as they celebrate Lailatul Qadr. On this night of the Ramadan Celebration the Quran was sent down from heaven to the Earth. If you stay up all night worshiping God all your sins will be forgiven.

In North America today is also the Lost Sock Memorial Day. A day we set aside to remember all the lost socks. Appropriately Lost Sock Memorial Day is the day after go Barefoot Day. If you can’t find the sock’s mate, just put on 2 socks all of my grandchildren do that. It seems to be a fashion statement these days as we remember all those who are a little different and practice inclusion.

Last but, not least, we celebrate Mother’s Day today. Here’s a special salute to all the Mothers past and present. Enjoy Mother’s Day with your loved ones, even during the Pandemic Lockdown when we’ve been ordered to stay home by the Government (the leaders of which are probably spending the day with their Mothers, children and grandchildren.)

Thank God memories are also captured in photographs. One of my favorite early pictures of myself is a 1957 picture of my Mother holding me my on first Christmas.

Celebrate Life and Enjoy Mother’s Day. ❤

Daily Quote: May 10, 2020

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.
~ James Bryce (English – DiplomatMay 10, 1838 – January 22, 1922)

Mother’s Day

National Clean Your Room Day

Happy Mother’s Day 2020.  As we continue to keep our distance celebrations this year will be slightly different from previous years as many will be doing lane way greetings from 6 feet (2 meters) away.  I know many of us will break the rules and give our mothers a hug.

Porte Photos has bookings for Porch Photos, as some families are celebrating Mother’s Day with their families at home.

Usually, my family celebrates by going for breakfast at Melbourne Legion and all posing for a picture outside before we go our separate ways.  With the “no more than 5 people” and distancing limits there is no breakfast at any of the local Legions or Restaurants.

A little good news, there were no new COVID-19 cases in Middlesex County or Deaths yesterday.  It looks like we’re flattening the curve and on our way to recovery.  Restrictions are slowly being lifted as everyone is being cautious and hoping to avoid a second wave.  Many of the stores that are opening require customers to wear face masks.

Tomorrow most of the Provincial Parks will be open, free of charge day use for the remainder of the month with the rest of the Provincial Parks being opened on Friday.  No bathrooms will be available and the beaches will remain closed.  I can see there will be a lot of “squatting in the woods” as people hike or bike and keep their distance.