Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: January 19, 2023

Art is forever.

~ Thomas Kinkade
American – Artist January 19, 1958 – April 6, 2012

Porte Ponderings:

A recent study says that people who retire early suffer mental or congnitive decline. Apparently work keeps your mind active and maintains social contact better than retiring? I think it depends on what you do when you retire. If you sit at home and do nothing, yes your congitive abilities will decline. If you travel, try art, write, take pictures, read, exercise and hike early retirement can increase your spiritual and congnitive activity.

Yes, I have more time to spend with family. I also found COVID was devestating to most people due to the isolation. I was lucky enough to have family and close friends that stayed in touch. Kayaking was a safe sport and so was hiking. I managed to continue my daily walks with my sister and dog. I also was lucky enough to work temporarily for Statistics Canada as a team leader. I was also able to spend time with my husband as he survived 2 major cancer battles (kidney cancer and colon cancer). I’ve learned to take pictures, and to paint (my COVID hobby).

So, I don’t know who they used in the recent study, but it wasn’t my Florida friends. They are active and alert. Busy with parties, sports, exercise and living life to the fullest in Heaven’s Waiting Room.

Daily Quote: March 22, 2022

The value of art
is in the observer.

~ Agnes Martin
Canadian – Artist / March 22, 1912 – December 16, 2004

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

I live nestled in the middle of the Great Lakes with fresh water everywhere. Something I often take for granted. Many other places in the world lack fresh water. So today as you sip the simple pleasures of water remember World Water Day.

Sing, dance, paint, laugh, play games, let your inner child out to celebrate As Young as You Feel Day. Why not try something new? Your never too old for someday to be today. 😉

Daily Quote: August 21, 2021

When you are a photographer,
you work all the time,
because your eye is the first camera.

~ Patrick Demarchelier
(French – Photographer; Born: August 21, 1943)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

As a free Afghan meets it’s end today ironically is the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism. Please remember to pray for the Afghanistans that remain while the Taliban takes over their country.

I’m uncertain why Senior Citizen’s Day is only in the United States. As Canadians, we are missing our trips South, but it isn’t looking good for Canadian Snow Birds as the US border is closed for yet another month.

The most peaceful celebration today is World Honey Bee Day. A gardening group I belong to have been bemoaning the lack of fruit on their plants this year, but at the same time they ask how to get rid of bees and wasps and how to stop those darn squirrels from eating their sunflowers. So instead, celebrate the Honey Bee and welcome the pests into your yard. One day those caterpillars eating your dill will soar as swallowtails in the air.