Daily Quote: February 22, 2020

All of my work comes out of a deep concern for human expansion into the landscape.
~ Edward Burtynsky (Canadian – Photographer / Born: February 22, 1955)

Margarita Day

World Thinking Day

Wildlife Day

Combining thoughts of Wildlife Day and Edwards Burtynsky’s concern for human expansion into the landscape:

Many nature reserves are located adjacent to power plants, airports or flood plains…areas less desirable for residential or commercial building.

Power lines, highways, windmills, new condos, high rise apartments and hotels all changing the landscape.  Then people wonder why black bears, coyotes, opossums, armadillos, raccoons, snakes, lizzards and insects are wandering through their yards

Building “The Wall” could have a significant impact on wildlife migration/movement across the Rio Grande changing how wildlife eats/mates/moves from Canada to Mexico.  But, the construction continues to mar the landscape and limit the natural movement of butterflies, deer and birds.