Daily Quote: May 1st, 2021

Reading is to the mind
what exercise is to the body.

~ Joseph Addison (English – Writer / May 1, 1672 – June 17, 1719)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

April is now spent. 2021 is now 1/3 gone. Welcome May! Celebrate May Day. Dance around the Maypole. Tangle up the ribbons. Laugh. Dance. Sing.

The first of May is also Mother Goose Day. A day to celebrate all the nursery rhymes. During this lockdown I miss my 2 year old granddaughter and her saying all the rhymes she has learned so far, often mixing them up at key points, then laughing because she has done the mix-up intentionally to see if you’re paying attention. Our third wave has hit Ontario hard. Even with a vaccine, the vaccine takes time to be effective and doesn’t reach significant protection levels for 1 month. I’ve got my 1st shot and the 2nd is scheduled for August.

Today is also Join Hands Day. An intergenerational day to break across the age barrier. Elders teaching the youth time tested skills. Youth teaching elders new technology. Each sharing their wisdom with the other. Even virtually we can partake.

May 1st is the day that many of the seasonal campgrounds open in Ontario. Traditionally the snowbirds now move into their summer homes. We’ll be going to our trailer at Silver Dove Estates to set-up our new shed, hookup the sewer and water and starting cleaning/setting up for the summer. Many of our friends who have been stuck in Ontario rental units for the winter are finally able to go to their summer homes and stretch their legs. Yes May 1st is truly a day to celebrate.

Daily Quote: May 1, 2020

I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries,
and very frankly give them fruit for their songs.
~ Joseph Addison (English – Writer / May 1, 1672 – June 17, 1719)

May Day

Doctor’s Day; Ontario; Canada Cares

The European Starlings have discovered the suet at the end of the bird feeder outside my dining room window.  Chipping sparrows, Blue Jays and Cardinals also visit regularly.  Chipmunks and squirrels have figured out how to get around the barriers and join in the feast.

I have a ground hog who lives behind my fence, on the Railroad property.  She has been there now for more than 3 years.  The first year I planted pumpkins behind the fence to help keep the weeds down and she thoroughly enjoyed eating them.  Last year I didn’t plant the pumpkins so she decided it was an invitation to help herself to my garden.  She ate the swisschard as quickly as it grew and she also enjoyed all of my zuchini.  She would venture in the garden at dawn and again at dusk, when my son was sitting in the yard having his first and last smoke for the day.

This year, my son is living in his own home, but she still comes to visit at dawn and at dusk.  She has also discovered that the birds tend to throw a lot of food on the ground, so she has been venturing to the bird feeders outside my dining room window.  It is there that I have had a close-up view of the large scar behind her head where she has lost a huge patch of fur and a scar on her side where it looks like someone shot her with a pellet gun.  She is a survivor.  I will plant pumpkins for her and her children to enjoy again behind the fence and will try to keep her on her own side.  But, I would never hurt her or let my dog out to chase her without first making enough noise so she can slip quickly under the whole in the the fence.