Daily Quote: December 8, 2021

Let us not look back in anger,
nor forward in fear,
but around in awareness.

~ James Thurber
American – Author / December 8, 1894 – November 2, 1961

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Christians are pausing to remember the Immaculate Conception today. Mary, without sin was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Jesus conceived without sin, the son of God.

Meanwhile we also celebrate National Christmas Tree Day. Christmas trees, a pagan tradition adopted by Christians to represent eternal life. Our present day trees decorated with lights and tinsel as we all admire them in awe. A part of the light festivals throughout the world.

Today’s food is the Chocolate Brownie. So celebrate National Brownie Day with a brownie of your choice. My favorite is a hot double chocolate brownie fudge delight from Dairy Queen. 😉