Daily Quote: December 20, 2021

Success is the sum of details.

~ Harvey S. Firestone
American – Businessman / December 20, 1868 – February 7, 1938

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Today we celebrate International Human Solidarity Day.

It is also the Anniversary of the death of Sacagawea (December 20, 1812 at the age of 24), remembered as Sacagawea Day. Instrumental in the Corps of Discovery Expedition by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Sacagawea was an interpreter and she knew the passages through Montana.

Take some time today to honour National Sangria Day. 🙂

This terrible cough is just hanging on. Today my oldest son is going for a colonoscopy, so he spent the night in Strathroy preparing for the procedure. Screening for colorectal cancer is so important as most type are treatable when detected early.

Daily Quote: December 20, 2020

It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.

~ Harvey S. Firestone (American – Businessman / December 20, 1868 – February 7, 1938)

Holidays and Celebrations:

And the countdown is on. Not just ’til Christmas but to total lockdown and isolation during the Holiday Season. I can always remember my father telling me this time of the year was the hardest for people who were alone and suicide rates were probably the highest at this time of year. SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorder is higher during the winter months, but apparently the myth of higher suicides during the holidays is not true*. Instead the rates in the are actually higher in the spring, when most people are feeling happier with the longer days and those who truly suffer from depression don’t feel any better or may actually feel worse. Still it is important to keep loved ones close and help those with significant loses to know they are loved, because they are people not statistics and even one suicide is one too many.


Daily Quote: December 20

Drink today, and drown all sorrow;
you shall perhaps not do tomorrow.
~ John Fletcher (December 20, 1579 – 1625)

The “Drink of the Day” on display at the resort was being tasted by one of the local birds.
Looking like a part of the garnishes perched on the rim of the glass tasting the fruity beverage.

Sangria Day

International Human Solidarity Day

Underdog Day

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day