Daily Quote: May 22, 2021

Every flower is a soul
blossoming in nature.

Gerard De Nerval (French – Novelist  Born: May 22, 1808 Lived until: January 26, 1855)

*** Holidays and Celebrations:

*** International Day for Biological Diversity ***

*** National Buy a Musical Instrument Day ***

*** World Fiddle Day ***

*** Porte Musings…

The twenty fourth of May
is the Queen’s Birthday,
if you don’t give us a holiday,
we’ll all run away.

With the Provincial Lockdown still in place, we’re all on a Stay Vacation. Usually this long weekend is the unofficial summer kick-off as people go to the beaches and camping. Well, not this year. Nothing is opening until next weekend to avoid crowding in public areas. Then we’ll be opening up in phases based on “safety”. Golf courses will be opening this weekend. I’m so tired of being forced to stay home even if it is for my own good. I’ve had my first vaccine and am anxious to get out there doing things with friends and family.

Today is International Day for Biological Diversity, a day I would love to celebrate by kayaking, but still haven’t managed to get my veggies and flower gardens planted yet.

So instead I might actually celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day and World Fiddle Day. Seems I can’t even catch my breath to practice my flute for my nephew’s wedding this summer.

Oh well, its off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho…
to make some do, some do, some dough.

Daily Quote: May 22, 2020

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
~ Gerard De Nerval (French – NovelistMay 22, 1808 – January 26, 1855)

International Day for Biological Diversity

My oldest grandson used to call these wish flowers.  He would grab them and blow the parachutes everywhere.  This growing patch in my backyard feeds the Chipping Sparrows that come visiting.

I harvested the flowers I needed for dandelion wine about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  The bubbling has stopped and the 2nd phase  (anaerobic fermentation) has begun.  In about 3 months I’ll be able to rack the wine into bottles for aging.  The last time I did the second phase with balloons on the bottles and the wine turned out amazing, but there was a lot of sediment.  I’m hoping by investing in an airlock and carboy then racking the wine I will end up with a clearer finished product.