Daily Quote: April 12, 2022

I don’t think there’s any such thing
as teaching people photography,
other than influencing them a little.
People have to be their own learners.
They have to have a certain talent.

~ Imogen Cunningham
American – Photographer / April 12, 1883 – June 24, 1976

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Porte Musings:

As with any art, you can teach someone the mechanics of photography and influence how they take photos. It is the individual who has to have the discipline to practice; vision to see; and sometimes just plain good luck to be at the right place at the right time to be a good photographer. I planted some zinnias in hops of attracting butterflies. Before the zinnias even bloomed, caterpillars chewed on the leaves and butterflies were trying to coax them open.

Holy Week continues with Holy Tuesday, as Muslims are now celebrating the 11th Day of Ramadan, Christians are celebrating the 42nd Day of Lent, and Jews are waiting for Passover Celebration.

Today is dedicated as International Day of Human Space Flight. We look to the moon and stars and look for a way to get there.

Eat a grilled cheese for lunch today to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day.

April 12th is also my Paternal Grandmother’s Birthday. I hope she is enjoying it in heaven.

Mary Seeley (1915-2008)

Daily Quote: April 12, 2021

When you do portraits professionally
it’s not a desire, it’s for money.

~ Imogen Cunningham (American – Photographer / April 12, 1883 – June 24, 1976)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

April 12th is remembered as Jersey Day, a solemn remembrance of the hockey team and drivers that were killed/injured in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.

International Day of Human Space Flight is also celebrated today. Dreams of traveling to the unknown by mankind are remembered.

Today is the 1st Day of Ramadan. 30 days of prayer and fasting from sun up to sun down for all my Muslim family and friends.

Although photographers that do portraits do it not through inspiration but for money, I’m glad to do portraits and have portraits to remember the special people in my life. Today was my Paternal Grandmother’s Birthday. I miss her, but she did live a good life, not an easy one, but a good one. She loved gardening and her pets. She always had a large dog and loved collies. I’m glad we spent the time together that we did.