Daily Quote: April 3, 2022

Living well is the best revenge.

~ George Herbert
British – Poet / April 3, 1593 – March 1, 1633

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5th Sunday of Lent

Fasting and prayer continues for Muslims on the 2nd day of Ramadan.

Remember to do random good deeds on Good Deed Day.

For Doctor Who fans today is Fish Sticks and Custard Day. This meal was on the first show of the series aired on April 3, 2010. A perfect meal for a Sunday. Be certain to take a picture of your fish sticks and custard and post it #fishsticksand custard

Yes the best revenge is to live a prosperous, happy, long life. My step mother once told me the worst thing you can do is deny someone their inheritance. After my father died he left everything to her. When she died she shared among her children and left nothing to my sisters and I. As I’ve told others, her children were all in need, they needed our inheritance more than we did. And we continue to live a blessed life. I forgive her for being so jealous of my father that she wouldn’t even let him be buried beside his first wife and she insisted on being buried beside him instead of her first husband,(even though there are plots for each beside their deceased spouses). I forgive her for not understanding a person can love more than one person. A man can love as a husband, a father, a brother, a friend and a son. Our revenge for her selfishness is to live prosperous lives. After all, she was declared an unfit mother in court after she abandoned her children when they were little, so it’s only fair that she actually showed them some “love” when she died. I was lucky enough to know love by my parents, who never deserted me and my sisters. My parents always made sure we were loved, well fed, clothed and housed. No better inheritance can a parent give to their children than a good childhood filled with love. The past can’t be denied.

Daily Quote: April 11, 2021

There is no sanctuary of virtue like home.

~ Edward Everett (American – Statesman / April 11, 1794 – January 15, 1865)

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The Sunday after Easter is designated as Devine Mercy Sunday. A day in the Roman Catholic calendar to encourage followers to offer forgiveness and reconciliation. Hopefully this expands to all Christian denominations and people of the world.

With pets being so important to us no wonder there are so many holidays and celebrations for pets. Today is National Pet Day. So spend the day with your favorite pet and have treats.

As we are approaching World Day, today is Good Deeds Day. Celebrate by doing one good deed. Or better still decide today to do one good deed a day for the remainder of April.

April 11th was always an important date in my household because it was my Father’s Birthday. He would have been 84 today, but his life was cut short at 63 by small cell cancer. Years of exposure to possible carcinogens at work and smoking caught up with him and took him away just as he was starting to enjoy his retirement years. Life wasn’t easy for him. He had a learning disability and was never able to read beyond a grade 3 level. But that didn’t stop him from working hard. He had an innate ability to learn by doing and after many years of being a laborer (ditch digger) became a high pressure welder for natural gas lines. Belonging to the Welders and Pipefitters Union permitted him to retire at 60. So after working hard from the age of 16, he was permitted almost 3 years of leisure and travel. We were so lucky to have been his children.

Daily Quote: March 29, 2020

People see God every day,
they just don’t recognize him.
~ Pearl Bailey (American – Actress March 29, 1918 – August 17, 1990)

Good Deeds Day

Neighbour Day

Texas Love the Children Day

5th Sunday in Lent

5th Sunday in Lent

COVID-19 Day 11 in Quarantine after travel.  The countdown to freedom is on, but even after the quarantine period Ontario is still under a general shut down so, nothing is going back to normal this week.  Schools, churches, bars, restaurants, stores and non-esential services remain closed.  Social distancing remains a requirement.  People are still dying of COVID-19.  The USA is leading the way with the highest number of confirmed cases now over 100,000.

Prime Minister Trudeau announced yesterday that symptomatic people will be denied access to public transportation.  My question is: what part of “stay home” didn’t people with symptoms not understand?

Online options are popping up for everything.  Church Services, Garden Tours, Travel, etc……