Daily Quote: December 12


Just because I was almost 62,
I did not feel decrepit and felt I wasn’t finished being a soldier yet.
~ Gerald Griffin (December 12, 1803 – June 12, 1840)

12-Hour Fresh Breath Day

I’m uncertain about the current trends of working til you drop.  In Canada and USA there are fewer and fewer jobs where someone can work until they’re 55 and retire.  Most professions are trending more towards no pensions.  Often people can’t afford to retire due to medical and drug plans that stop at the time that you retire.  Sick people continue to work to pay for their Cancer medications and treatments. Even healthy people are paying huge monthly sums (often more than their monthly rent) to have “medical coverage”.  The huge cost of “out of country” insurance (which can be much more that the actual vacation and flight) causes people to stay home rather than venture out into the world.

Young adults can’t find jobs and still live at home with their sick parents, who work to maintain their children’s lifestyle.

As the financial adviser said in my pre-retirement information seminar, retire while you can still enjoy your life.  Seven years after retiring from my Project Management job, there are still days when I miss the people I worked with and the routine, but I don’t miss the work or the stress.