Daily Quote: April 3, 2022

Living well is the best revenge.

~ George Herbert
British – Poet / April 3, 1593 – March 1, 1633

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

5th Sunday of Lent

Fasting and prayer continues for Muslims on the 2nd day of Ramadan.

Remember to do random good deeds on Good Deed Day.

For Doctor Who fans today is Fish Sticks and Custard Day. This meal was on the first show of the series aired on April 3, 2010. A perfect meal for a Sunday. Be certain to take a picture of your fish sticks and custard and post it #fishsticksand custard

Yes the best revenge is to live a prosperous, happy, long life. My step mother once told me the worst thing you can do is deny someone their inheritance. After my father died he left everything to her. When she died she shared among her children and left nothing to my sisters and I. As I’ve told others, her children were all in need, they needed our inheritance more than we did. And we continue to live a blessed life. I forgive her for being so jealous of my father that she wouldn’t even let him be buried beside his first wife and she insisted on being buried beside him instead of her first husband,(even though there are plots for each beside their deceased spouses). I forgive her for not understanding a person can love more than one person. A man can love as a husband, a father, a brother, a friend and a son. Our revenge for her selfishness is to live prosperous lives. After all, she was declared an unfit mother in court after she abandoned her children when they were little, so it’s only fair that she actually showed them some “love” when she died. I was lucky enough to know love by my parents, who never deserted me and my sisters. My parents always made sure we were loved, well fed, clothed and housed. No better inheritance can a parent give to their children than a good childhood filled with love. The past can’t be denied.

Daily Quote: April 3, 2021

Good words are worth much, and cost little.

~ George Herbert (British – Poet / April 3, 1593 – March 1, 1633)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

The first Saturday in April is also Easter Saturday in the Christian Calendar. The day we remember that Christ lay in the tomb, alone in the dark with a huge rock rolled in front of the door and a guard outside to ensure that the body would be kept safe. A day of mourning, grief and darkness before the return to life.

Today is also a day set aside to honour American Circus Day. During the Pandemic, we haven’t been able to go to the Circus. Here’s hoping there’s one to go to once all this madness is done.

With April Showers we all go out and seek Rainbows. So get out and look for the eternal symbol of hope. Rainbows have been used recently to symbolize other things: Gay rights; rainbow babies; autism…….. So I wish you luck on Find a Rainbow Day.

Daily Quote: April 3, 2020

Living well is the best revenge.
~ George Herbert
(British – Poet April 3, 1593 – March 1, 1633)

National Tweed Day

Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

Find a Rainbow Day

Quarantine after travel Day 14 +1.  Still one more day.  Not that it will make much of a difference.  Regulations will still limit the places I can go and who I can see with social distancing still being required.

COVID-19 is still increasing in numbers and effects. There are more than 1 million cases of coronavirus globally, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Canada is reporting 11,131 confirmed cases as of April 2nd, 2020 (the real number is much higher as testing is only being done for high risk individuals and Health Care Professionals in Ontario).  486 cases have been hospitalized, including 148 in intensive care while the number of deaths is now over 105.

Keeping in mind that the USA has more than 10 times the population of Canada,
The numbers for the USA are:

    • Total cases: over 230,000
    • Total deaths: over 5,600