Daily Quote: January 23, 2022

Some guys can run fast,
some guys can sing,
I found I could take photographs
that people were interested in.

~ David Douglas Duncan
American – Photographer / January 23, 1916 – June 7, 2018

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Child Labor Day is set aside to remember how children were exploited to work in the mines or do other dangerous work in sub-standard conditions. Extensive child labor laws have been enacted in North America to prevent these atrocities, but in many parts of the world children are still used to perform these jobs.

So be careful on Measure Your Feet Day that the shoes you order are made by companies that don’t employee child labor.

Enjoy a piece of pie on National Pie Day. Pie Day is so important that there are 2 days for National Pie Day. One in December and another in January.

Getting ready to go on vacation, I scheduled dinners so I could see each of my grandchildren before we leave. I forgot how busy their lives are. My oldest son forgot about his dinner agreement last night. School had just returned last week, snow had my son working nights, and my daughter-in-law hurt her back. So instead I called my middle son and his family. They were free and joined us for ribs & baked potatoes.

Daily Quote: January 23, 2021

Born in Kansas City, Missouri,
and knowing nothing about Picasso,
I had the audacity to knock on his door,
became his friend, and took thousands of photographs,
of him, his studios, his life and his friends.

~ David Douglas Duncan (American – Photographer / January 23, 1916 -June 7, 2018)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Today’s quote reminds us that people are just that people. No matter how talented, famous, rich or what position they hold: it comes down to the fact that they are people. Picasso opened the door for David Duncan and they became friends, as David enjoyed the company and inspiration. Then David photographed the artist, his friends and everything around him.

Recently in the political scene in Canada our Governor General, Julie Payette resigned her position when an independent study found she was the one responsible for a toxic working environment, verbally abusing her workers and bringing them to tears. She forgot to show respect for everyone whether they are your peers or employees. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. That being said, after her brief service Julie will receive an annual pension of $140,000 for the rest of her life.

You could say the writing was on the wall for Julie, which brings us to National Handwriting Day. My handwriting has always been terrible. In grade 6 when all of my classmates graduated from pencils to pens I was left behind. My teacher, Mrs. Wilcox was gentle enough and encouraging, but still I wasn’t permitted to write with a pen. In pencil, my imagination wrote and I produced the class play for the year, with super heroes saving a princess from the Mad Scientist. My “Mad Scientist” quit with stage fright just before the play started so I also had to play the dark role. So much for my writing in pencil career. To this day it is still a thrill to be able to write with a fountain pen as I address my cards to my friends and family.

Music is one of my passions. The radio plays in the background all the time and when a catchy tune comes on I often get up and do a little impromptu dance around my kitchen. So every chance I get I think we should celebrate National Musician Day with every country in the world. Today’s country celebrating is Argentina. I’ll have to ask Google to play some Argentinian music and dance.

While reminiscing I can’t help but remember my childhood friend Joan. Joan grew up to own a quilt shop, where she teaches and inspires the community to sew. If it wasn’t for the lock-down, I would be encouraging everybody to stop by and have a tea with Joan at Sew Creative, @sewcreativequilting, so we could celebrate Local Quilt Shop Day. But during lock down we’re limited to visiting on-line and through facebook. Don’t forget to shop Local.