Daily Quote: March 7, 2022

Little deeds are like little seeds,
they grow to flowers or to weeds.

~ Daniel D. Palmer
Canadian – Celebrity / March 7, 1845 – October 20, 1913

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Do you know what your name means? Today is Fun Facts About Names Day. My name Deborah means the bee. It was a very popular name when I was young there were 5 Debbies in my grade 7 class. It was a popular name from the bible. I guess their parents didn’t know that Deborah was a prophetess and leader who ensured her prophecy came true by sleeping with the enemy and driving a tent peg through his head as he slept. Just like a gentle little honey bee with a stinger that will be used if necessary.

Today is also Plant Power Day. Not a plant like the nuclear power plants. But the plants that cover the ground or reach for the sky converting CO2 to oxygen that we need to breathe. Or just ornamental plants that provide colour in a dreary landscape. Or that grow tall and provide shade from the blistering sun. So plant some seeds or buy some flowers to celebrate the day.

National Cereal Day should be celebrated with a large bowl of cereal. Either for breakfast or as a bedtime snack. 😉

Daily Quote: March 7, 2021

Little deeds are like little seeds,
they grow to flowers
or to weeds.

~ Daniel D. Palmer (Canadian – CelebrityMarch 7, 1845 – October 20, 1913)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

So I choose to celebrate Grandmother’s Day  (Fête des Grands-Mères) with France. I’ve just spent 2 days with my oldest grandson and this celebration is overdue. His view always surprises and inspires me. I still remember when we were in the backyard and told me the dandelion in full bloom was a wish flower. So he gleefully grabbed them and blew off all the seeds. Now I look forward to the dandelions to make a batch of wine for the winter, then make wishes with the ones I didn’t harvest.

On Namesake Day we should reflect on where our names come from and why. My mother wanted to call me Dagmar after the German actress. Thank goodness my mother’s visiting aunt told her it was too uncommon in Canada, so I ended up with a common name of Deborah. This probably wasn’t the best choice either as I grew up with 5 Debbie’s in my elementary school class, so I never responded until the teacher called out my last name. I should have corrected the teacher with “That’s Miss Porte to you.” but I never had the courage. It was very disrespectful of the teacher to just yell out “Porte” and I still resent being called just by my last name. At any rate, that’s why I often don’t respond to just my first name.

Today is the 3rd Sunday in Lent. Take time to pray and worship whether you are Christian or not. Meditate and clear your thoughts as we seek to overcome the 2020 Pandemic. Wear your mask, wash your hands and get the vaccine as soon as you can.