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To begin, begin.

~ William Wordsworth (English – Poet / April 7, 1770 – April 23, 1850)

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Porte Musings:

Wednesday April 7th, from industrious to luxuriously lazy, today is International Beaver Day. A day to celebrate the most Canadian symbol the beaver. With his continuously growing teeth the beaver works to cut down trees and create ponds; to stop the rushing sound of water and create a peaceful, secure home for their families.

Celebrating World Health Day, while Ontario is in it’s 3rd wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic. A shut-down order, but not a stay at home order. With 500 people in Intensive Care Units and our hospitals are at near capacity. What saddens me even more is that with our population and size Ontario has only 500 intensive care units a year after all this madness started. Why weren’t COVID patients kept separate from other critically ill patients? Lockdown and stay at home orders don’t seem to be working. It’s just been too long and people are missing their families and just the joy of day to day living. The world is praying that the vaccine puts and end to the isolation.

So here’s to celebrating National No Housework Day. Just don’t do it. Well, unless like me, you celebrate International Window Washing Day on April 7th. A time to clean those windows, reflect on the world, and be ready for interruptions as guests stop by for coffee.

Daily Quote: April 6, 2020

Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization.
~ Lincoln Steffens (American – JournalistApril 6, 1866 – August 9, 1936)

Sorry Charlie Day

A dull and overcast Sunday morning.  Social distancing measures continue and there are no public gatherings of over 5 people permitted in Ontario.  A walk with my dog, Rickie seems like a travel through the twilight zone as the streets are completely empty.

The number of COVID-19 total cases in Canada was 14,426 as of April 5th, 2020 with 653 cases that have been hospitalized, including 196 in intensive care.  214 have died of COVID-19 to date in Canada.

In the USA (which has about 10x the population of Canada) is now the leader in the world for reported cases and deaths.  The total number of coronavirus cases rose to over 329,636, with the number of deaths at more than 9,420.

Globally, the death toll is more than 68,148.