Daily Quote: September 20, 2020

It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.

Elizabeth Kenny Australian – Celebrity  (September 20, 1880 – November 30, 1952)

Holidays and Celebrations: September 20

Wife Appreciation Day
– Third Sunday in September

3rd and last day of Rosh Hashana 
(Jewish Observance)

As a result of higher positive cases COVID-19 restrictions have once again been increased in Ontario. Private gatherings can’t be over 25 people outside and 10 people inside. This emergency announcement was made yesterday morning leaving many people scrambling to re-evaluate their response. Our Church decided not to proceed with indoor worship services that were to start today.

John Turner, Canada’s 17th Prime Minister passed away yesterday at the age of 91.

Daily Quote: September 18, 2020

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.
~ Samuel Johnson (English – Author September 18, 1709 – December 13, 1784)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Cheeseburger Day

1st day of Rosh Hashana (Jewish Observance)

AIDS and Aging Awareness Day – USA

MIA Recognition Day – United States

Cheeseburger Day on a Friday.  Time to celebrate the end of the 1st school week for many.  But don’t celebrate with too many people.

COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions still apply.  Many University of Western Students celebrated too much at large gatherings.  28 university students have been confirmed to have COVID-19 in London Ontario.  The province of Ontario has re-introduced restrictions in some areas (Toronto, Ottawa and Peel) .  Gatherings have been reduced to 10 inside and 25 outside with some exceptions (school, bars, weddings).  Fines have been increased to $10,000 and will be imposed.  We’re being told the 2nd wave is here and to still be cautious, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Daily Quote: September 17, 2020

We all wish to reach a ripe old age,
but none of us are prepared to admit that we are already there.
~ Francisco de Quevedo (Spanish – WriterSeptember 17, 1580 – September 8, 1645)

Holidays and Celebrations: September 17, 2020

National Professional House Cleaners Day-USA

Constitution/Citizenship Day -USA

When is old age?  10 or 20 years from now.

What is old?  Our perspective on what is old changes as we age.  When we are 2, old is our older cousins.  When we are 10 we think it is 18. When we hit puberty old is anyone over 30.  When we hit 30 we think old starts at 50.  When we retire we think old is 80 or 90.  At 90 we think old is 110.

That being said our elderly population that require nursing home assistance have been the hardest hit during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Terrible living conditions were observed in many nursing homes when the army was called in to assist with the pandemic.  The elderly need to be given a voice and taken care of with dignity and respect.

Daily Quote: September 15, 2020

If you focus on the things you can’t do, you’ll destroy yourself.
Just remember everything you can do.
~ Giles Duley (British – Photographer Born: September 15, 1971)

Holidays and Celebrations: September 15

International Day of Democracy

Day of Our Lady of Sorrows (Deň Panny Márie Bolestnej) – Slovakia

Focus on what you can do.  During COVID-19 restrictions we’ve been isolated from friends and family.  Churches have taken to the Internet with ZOOM and Facebook services.  More people are using Messenger to see and talk with their loved ones.  A second wave is predicted and perhaps starting as the USA-Canada border remains closed.  So as Canadian Snowbirds heading towards the fall the leaves are changing colour; we may not be able to travel South to the USA and our usual Winter sunshine.  But we can stay and watch the changing seasons at home with our family.  Perhaps even enjoy the isolation that the blanket of snow will provide in the winter and cuddle a little closer to keep warm.

Daily Quote: September 12, 2020

Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.
~ Charles Dudley Warner (American – JournalistSeptember 12, 1829 – October 20, 1900)

Holidays and Celebrations: September 12


Aunt’s Day

Selichot or forgiveness prayers for the community and individuals.

The day after my first son’s birthday is his son’s birthday.  Luckily it’s a Saturday this year.  Due to COVID-19 we’re going to follow the tradition of cake at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s with the family.  Pulled Pork and buns for those who don’t eat beef and chicken strips for those who don’t eat pork.

School is finally starting next week, so we may not be able to see the grandchildren for a couple of weeks until we know if COVID-19 is in their schools.


Daily Quote: September 5, 2020

For whatever a man has,
is in reality only a gift.

Christoph Martin Wieland

Celebrations: September 5

International Day of Charity

National Cheese Pizza Day

Bacon Day

World Beard Day

With all the inflated numbers and predictions I thought it was time to revisit the real numbers as per Google News:

LocationTotal casesNew cases (last 60 days)Cases per 1 million peopleRecoveredDeaths
United States6,218,90018,8713,391,087187,698
LocationTotal casesNew cases (last 60 days)Cases per 1 million peopleRecoveredDeaths

Predictions for the USA include numbers as high as over 400,000 deaths by the end of 2020 from COVID-19.

We’ve been so lucky in Ontario. In London-Middlesex we’ve seen days without new cases. But fear of Corona Virus has mandated the use of facial masks and still has limits on the number of people permitted to gather. Churches still remain closed and School openings have been delayed.

I went to the playground with my grandson yesterday. Although the equipment hasn’t changed it’s very sad to see the loneliness in my grandson’s eyes as he is no longer permitted to mingle with the other children and must keep his distance. The public washrooms aren’t open, so small children duck behind trees to pee.

My heart breaks for all the children that are learning not to trust others, keep their distance and constantly wash their hands.

Daily Quote: September 3, 2020

What has made this nation great?
Not its heroes but its households.

Sarah Orne Jewett (American – Author September 3, 1849 – June 24, 1909)

Holidays and Special Occasions:
September 3

Skyscraper Day

Skyscrappers may rise high to the sky, but most of us prefer to live in single family homes with enough yard to grow flowers and tomatoes.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made people re-evaluate where they live. I watched a news item saying there is a new trend for young people to move back to the deserted areas, to buy “cheap old homes” and renovate. I’ve never understood why people live in ghettos for generations, when there are beautiful countryside homes rotting due to neglect and under-use.

Daily Quote: August 3, 2020

Shakespeare was a dramatist of note
who lived by writing things to quote.
~ H. C. Bunner (American – JournalistAugust 3, 1855 – May 11, 1896)

Civic/Provincial Day

International Beer Day

Strange having a holiday during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Although most of Ontario is now in stage 3 of restrictions, not much has changed.  People are permitted to dine in at restaurants, but we’re so used to take out we’re still choosing to stay home to eat.

The beaches are full as everyone is trying to enjoy some of what’s left of summer.  Unfortunately, too full and many have had to close due to capacity issues.



Daily Quote: July 19, 2020

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
~ Edgar Degas (French – Artist / July 19, 1834 – September 27, 1917)

Ice Cream Day


Sundae Sunday


The second heat wave of the 2020 summer season is upon us.  Time to sit around and eat ice cream.

Select Ontario areas started Covid-19 Stage 3 restrictions on Friday.  Outdoor gatherings can now be up to 100 people and indoor gatherings can be up to 50 people.  Masks are mandatory indoors in most communities.  Beaches are open in Stage 3 areas, with distancing restrictions and limited numbers of people.

As the rest of the world starts to open up again, borders with the USA and Canada remain closed officially until August 17, 2020, with many predicting the borders won’t open until 2021.  Sorry cousins, neighbours and friends, stay home until you’re feeling better and we aren’t coming to visit.

USA remains #1 for cases and deaths from COVID-19, as many Americans are still in denial.  Yes the numbers are wrong.  THEY ARE UNDER REPORTED.  26.5% of confirmed cases Worldwide are in the USA.  23.6% of confirmed Worldwide deaths due to COVID-19 are in the USA.  The federal Government is no longer paying for testing in the USA, because “it only makes them look bad”.  Hospitals in many States are at or above capacity.

Sorted by Confirmed in descending order
New cases (last 60 days)
Cases per 1 million people

14,288,898 1,838 8,027,656 602,138

United States
3,781,985 11,476 1,108,518 142,229
New cases (last 60 days)
Cases per 1 million people

14,288,898 1,838 8,027,656 602,138

109,999 2,896 96,914 8,848
37,440 2,753 33,294 2,748

Daily Quote: July 14, 2020

Zeal is very blind, or badly regulated,
when it encroaches upon the rights of others.
~ Pasquier Quesnel (French – TheologianJuly 14, 1634 – December 2, 1719)

International Non-Binary People’s Day

International Nude Day

Bastille Day

(France and French dependencies)

Freedom in the USA has become the mantra of Americans that refuse to wear a mask in public to help reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19.  Hoax is the other call of the Americans that refuse to believe the COVID-19 numbers as those testing positive are reaching daily records of over 15,000 in Florida alone and the Intensive Care units in hospitals reach capacity.  USA is still #1 for confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Ontario numbers are dropping and restrictions are being relaxed we are entering Stage  3 (groups of 100 are permitted outdoors and groups of 50 indoors).  Canadians are imploring the government to keep the Canada-USA border closed and to not permit the COVID-19 exposed/infected Americans into Canada.  One newspaper actually predicted that the boarder won’t be open for at least a year for tourists.

The numbers below are as reported by Google News

Countries Sorted by Confirmed in descending order
New cases (last 60 days)
Cases per 1 million people

13,070,097 1,681 7,226,990 572,411

United States
3,428,462 10,403 999,968 137,613
Canadian Provinces Sorted by Confirmed in descending order
New cases (last 60 days)
Cases per 1 million people

13,070,097 1,681 7,226,990 572,411

108,155 2,848 71,841 8,790
56,621 6,893 25,911 5,628
36,839 2,709 32,663 2,722