Daily Quote: December 18, 2020

A line is a dot that went for a walk.

~ Paul Klee (Swiss – Artist / December 18, 1879 – June 29, 1940)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*Experimenting with my new free version of Corel Painter Essentials I used the charcoal effect to edit my new boots and cat picture. Although I prefer the actual photograph, this version fits in perfectly with the Daily Quote.

Only 1 week to go until Christmas. I have most of my shopping done, but still have to pick up a few items. I’ll pick-up my husband’s gift today and a couple of games. With gatherings limited to 5 people, Christmas will be different this year. I won’t be hosting the annual Timson Christmas Eve Celebration, so this will be the first year my family hasn’t been together on Christmas Eve. It’s a sad milestone that I thought would wait until I was much older. So instead we’ll attend 4 different smaller gatherings shifting from home to home and keeping the numbers down to 5. On the plus side it means I don’t have to cook for 4 days.

The bad news is regarding the number of people that haven’t sought medical advise for other ailments during the pandemic. I for one didn’t go to the dentist until I was in pain, which was too late. My tooth had to be extracted. A minor issue compared to my oldest sister-in-law.

My sister-in-law, put off going to the doctor when she had leg problems, until cancer had spread throughout her body. Her level of stress this year is inconceivable to me. Isolation, caring for her husband, loosing a sister to cancer, watching another struggling with cancer…… She is now waiting alone in hospital for test results so they can determine the best treatment (if any). Her husband, who has dementia, doesn’t understand why she hasn’t come home yet and keeps asking when they will bring her back. She has been his caregiver for more than 10 years (longer if you consider that they’ve married for more than 50 years). Their younger daughter is staying with him until the test results come back and my sister-in-law hopefully comes home. Their oldest daughter lives too far away to help. Their oldest son is staying at his younger sister’s home until she can return. Their youngest son is unable to be with his parents due to exposure to COVID-19 and 2 weeks of self-isolation. Prayers are all we can give, but it doesn’t seem like enough.