Daily Quote: May 21, 2021

What beauty is, I know not,
though it adheres to many things.

Albrecht Durer (German – Artist. Borne: May 21, 1471 Lived until: April 6, 1528)

*** Holidays and Celebrations for May 21st…

*** Bike To Work Day ***

*** National Pizza Party Day ***

*** National Strawberries and Cream Day ***

*** Porte Musings…

The Friday before our long weekend and our Ontario Provincial Lockdown is going to start to loosen a bit by categories. Outdoors: Golf, Tennis and Skateparks will be able to open tomorrow. Can’t wait for all the restrictions to be lifted and life can get back to a new normal. The proposed schedule lets people finally have hair cuts July 4th.

I’d celebrate Bike to Work Day, but I’m still working from home.

So I’ll have to celebrate National Pizza Party Day with my immediate bubble and maybe even celebrate National Strawberries and Cream Day afterwards.

Getting the garden started this weekend is high on my list. Temperatures are forecast to be warm and the plants will love getting their feet in the ground.