Daily Quote: August 11, 2021

Hope is the only bee
that makes honey without flowers.

~ Robert Green Ingersoll
(American – LawyerAugust 11, 1833 – July 21, 1899)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Today celebrates all the freethinkers like Robert G. Ingersoll. So try reading some of his writings or just learn more about Robert today. His writings and lectures can be found online, and in books as well.

If that seems too much like work, you could choose to celebrate Play in the Sand Day. Go to your local beach and make a sand sculpture, or just wiggle your toes in the local sand box.

After working or playing all day you can end the day celebrating Raspberry Tart Day with a nice Raspberry tart or pie and some ice cream.

We’re in the middle of a wave with heat warnings, so take it easy, drink plenty of water and keep cool. 😉

Daily Quote: May 31, 2021

I believe a leaf of grass
is no less than the journey-work of the stars.

~ Walt Whitman (American – Poet Born: May 31, 1819. Lived until: March 26, 1892)

Holidays and Celebrations…

*** World No Tobacco Day ***

*** US Memorial Day ***

*** National Meditation Day ***

Porte Musings…

Years too late for many, we are giving up smoking on World No Tobacco Day. I quit more than 23 years ago. My husband quit 5 years ago. Other friends and family have quit as well. Unfortunately for many it was too late as the cancerous substance had already invaded our lungs and bodies. Not only by choice as a smoker, but also as 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. Even though sin taxes have made the evil smoke unaffordable, the black/grey market thrives.

The US is celebrating Memorial Day today. I think I’ll wait until the American Memorial Day before I plant my seedlings next year. Last weekend we had a killing frost after having 2 weeks of above normal temperatures.

Now here’s something to think about: National Meditation Day.

The baby blue jays are growing fast and are almost as big as their parents. But they don’t quite have all the beautiful feathers yet and are enjoying being fed by their parent. As we sat in the sunshine to warm ourselves my husband and I watched the baby blue jays stretch and push each other. We were afraid they might actually push each other out of the nest. But they were surprisingly agile and one landed on top of the light momentarily then quickly got back into the nest.