Daily Quote: November 20, 2020

Admitting Error clears the Score,
And proves you Wiser than before.

~ Arthur Guiterman (American – Comedian / November 20, 1871 – January 11, 1943)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Checking on Ancestry.ca there was an update for my Paternal Grandmother, her marriage certificate for her first marriage, Unfortunately it didn’t include the annulment or any information concerning the fact that her first husband was a bigamist and had another family less than 50 miles away. Shortly after their daughter was born he was arrested, charged and served time for this crime. Two families that he had been supporting, very well, were left without support and his life was forever ruined. Cases like this make me wonder about our justice system. How did incarceration help anyone or resolve the problem, by leaving everyone in poverty? It probably would have been better if he had been forced to “Pay for his crime” by providing child support and alimony for the mothers.