Daily Quote: October 3

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“There is no word for art.
We say it is to transfer something from the real to the unreal.
I am an owl, and I am a happy owl.
I like to make people happy and everything happy.
I am the light of happiness and I am a dancing owl.”
~ Ashevak Kenojuak (October 3, 1973 – January 8, 2013)

Status of Women Canada, Women’s History Month.

Busch Gardens Christmas Town 2018

Always worthwhile getting the annual pass for Busch Gardens.  The season ticket types have changed.  Be certain to renew in person for the best deals: seniors discount and a discount for renewing.

The Christmas Town sites, shows and sounds were amazing.

Christmas on Ice fantasy skating at the Moroccan Palace:

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Stanleyville Theatre Christmas carols:

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As well as all the other amazing sights on site:

Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone

Week four of the Real Music Real Masters Series at Busch Gardens was Herman’s Hermts starring Peter Noone.  I attended their 155th performance on Monday at Busch Gardens.  The “Noonies” were out in full force with their T shirts and lights.  Peter Noone’s amazing voice and audience interaction, even when performing “I’m Henry the 8th” for more than the 1 Millionth time, continues to thrill and takes us back to our days of youth.

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This week’s animal walk after the show:

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On the way to see Herman’s Hermits we met this bird:

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