Daily Quote: January 7, 2021

May God save the country, for it is evident that the people will not.

~ Millard Fillmore (American – President / January 7, 1800 – March 8, 1874)

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My heart goes out to all my American Friends.

Yesterday will go down in American History as the day the 45th President incited a riot and failed to take appropriate action as his supporters stormed the White House.

Visions of the White House being desecrated by mainly white male extremists spread around the world as it took many hours before the President permitted the National Guard to go to the site. The Vice President was forced to shelter in place, as were all the other elected officials of the House and the Senate. One woman was shot and later died from her injuries.

When the National Guard, and FBI finally showed up the crowd was peacefully removed and order was restored. A much better outcome than for many of the communities that have endured violent demonstrations over the last 4 years.

Twitter locked the President’s account and I wonder if the account will be re-activated.

The members of the House and Senate remained on site, recess was called to an end and they bravely completed the work they had set out to do for the day. Their perspective may have shifted after the threat on their safety and lives, but their focus remained the same. Over and over again the speeches included that the appropriate processes must be followed to accomplish change, not violence.

Armed with video proof of who the perpetrators were it will be interesting to see how many of the rioters will be charged for the vandalism and terrorist acts. Two explosive devises were found and rendered safe.

I pray that the healing in the USA will start now that the 45th President has now announced that Biden has won the election and the transition will occur on January 20th.

Daily Quote: January 6, 2021

Minds are like parachutes
– they only function when open.

~ Thomas Dewar (Scottish – Businessman / January 6, 1864 – April 11, 1930)

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There is no better way to open your mind than a quiet walk through the conservation area after a fresh blanket of snow has covered everything in site. The snow clinging to the tree branches and attenuating all sounds around you. There might be some other hikers there, sharing the experience of deafening sound but they all say hello and may even pose for a picture for you. Strangers along the same path, sharing the glory of the hike and the wonders of the snow.

My stepson celebrates his birthday today. He has sold his 3 apartment investment and is looking for a new house to share with the love of his life. He hasn’t found a house yet, so later this month he will be moving into our spare room temporarily. He isn’t really home very often as he’s a trucker and tends to be gone for a week or two at a time.

Daily Quote: January 4, 2021

Snow brings a special quality with it
—the power to stop life as you know it dead in its tracks

~ Nancy Hatch Woodward (American Writer / Born: September 11, 1954)

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Sometimes the weather is just perfect such that when it snows the snow clings to everything in sight and for just a magical moment it waits there for the sun to melt it. Yesterday morning was one of those rare moments. A Sunday morning during lockdown when the wet snow fell slowly and built up on every surface it could find. A white blanket over everything and no one was in a hurry to move it. It was warm enough that you didn’t have to wear gloves, but cold enough to keep the snow in place until noon. Families were out walking along the trails in the Conservation Area and children playing on the hills with their winter toys. Yet the snow adds a layer of quiet that muffles all the sound of traffic and attenuates all the other sounds. Peace, quiet and beauty.

Daily Quote: December 17, 2020

Music comes to me more readily than words.

~ Ludwig van Beethoven (German – Composer / December 17, 1770 – March 26, 1827)

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Daily Quote: December 11, 2020

The belief that there is only one truth, and that oneself is in possession of it, is the root of all evil in the world.

~ Max Born (German – Mathematician / December 11, 1882 – January 5, 1970)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*The eve of my youngest son’s wedding. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the celebrations will be toned down for the “Bachelor Party”. They will start around 5PM with a barber coming to get the groomsmen, groom and father of the groom ready for the big event. Cards, cigars and pizza in my garage with just a few guys. I think I’ll ask my grandson to finish decorating the Christmas Tree with me. I’ve finished painting the holders for the plexiglass, so I can safely play my flute for the prelude. My son and his son will be spending the night here in preparation for the big day.

Daily Quote: December 10, 2020

Are right and wrong convertible terms,
dependant upon popular opinion?

~ William Lloyd Garrison (American – Journalist / December 10, 1805 – May 24, 1879)

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*COVID-19 vaccinations have begun in Great Britain as we all hope for an end to the pandemic. COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for use in Canada. And the great debate begins. Should people be forced to be vaccinated? Canadian leaders are saying it’s your choice, but if you can’t show your government issued proof of vaccination you could have limited access to public venues, work or travel. So just like your pets you will need to have the vaccine to travel.

Meanwhile controversy continues about the amount of energy and resources poured into controlling this pandemic while other illnesses still don’t have cures/vaccines (Aids/HIV) and starvation remains the major cause of death in the world. The distance between the “haves” and “havenots” continues to increase. Drinking water on many reservations in Canada remains unfit for consumption.

Locally our Seniors Centre will be closing. The volunteer organization that maintained the building and ran the programs weren’t able to raise the necessary funds while the building was temporarily closed during COVID-19 restrictions. Asking for help from the Municipality, like any good landlord during the Pandemic, the Municipality decided not to help, forcing the tenants to vacate so the Municipality can sell the building. Political speakease in the Municipality’s press release made promises to work for new Senior’s programming. I too look forward to the new programming, but am afraid I’ll probably never see it.

Daily Quote: December 9, 2020

A visual understanding of great composition and
how to use a camera and expensive lenses can be learned,
but drive and a real hunger for making photos and telling stories…
I don’t think that part can be learned.
You either have that inside, or you don’t.

~ Aaron Huey (American – Photographer / Born: December 9, 1975)

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*Today is my youngest Sister’s Birthday. 12 years younger than me she is waiting to become a grandmother in the next few days. My sister’s home will be an empty nest as her youngest daughter buys her first home and moves out. I took her some sweets on Sunday from Courtland Bakery. We had lunch together and a wonderful visit. Wishing her the best for the next year and hoping happiness finds her.

Wishing my youngest sister a happy Birthday and remembering our younger days.

Daily Quote: December 8, 2020

The pine stays green in winter…
wisdom in hardship.

~ Norman Douglas (British – Writer / December 8, 1868 – February 7, 1952)

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*Our town was asked for a hand-up to help maintain the Senior’s Community Centre. Instead they had the building evaluated and determined that there were $3Million required repairs. So the building, temporarily vacant due to COVID-19 Restrictions, will be closed permanently and put for sale (if it hasn’t already been sold behind closed doors). Between the City Hall Councilors and the Directors of the Senior’s Centre the decision was made without any discussion with members or the community at large. I wonder who will get the pool tables now that they are surplus to requirements?

Daily Quote: December 7, 2020

You cannot be anything if you want to be everything.

~ Solomon Schechter (Romanian – Clergyman / December 7, 1847 – November 19, 1915)

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The sky said to the ground below:
Let’s meet at the horizon.

Where Rainbows start and end,
Where the sun sets and the moon rises.

We can blend together in an infinite place
Just beyond the edge of the world.

~ Deborah Porte

Daily Quote: December 5, 2020

For there is no friend like a sister
in calm or stormy weather;
To cheer one on the tedious way,
to fetch one if one goes astray,
to lift one if one totters down,
to strengthen whilst one stands.

~ Christina Rossetti (British – Poet / December 5, 1830 – December 29, 1894)

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