Daily Quote: September 23

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Change is an opportunity for everybody to think.
~ Mickey Rooney (September 23, 1920 – April 6, 2014)

First Day of Autumn

Equal measures of day and night.
Night gaining the battle of time.
Moonlight waning towards the new moon.
Trees dress in glory showing how beautiful it can be to let go.

Dreams and Darkness overtaking reality and light.
~ Debbie Porte

Daily Quote: September 17

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We all wish to reach a ripe old age,
but none of us are prepared to
admit that we are already there.
~ Francisco de Quevedo (September 17, 1580 – September 8, 1645)

Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day – September 17, 2019 (Third Tuesday in September)

If you don’t have an appointment be certain to make one for your loved one.

Tomorrow we return to the heart specialist to see if my husband’s blood clots have dissolved and if we can travel this winter.  It’s been a tough summer.  My husband was having problems breathing.  It was getting so bad he couldn’t even walk up 3 steps without having to stop and catch his breath.  We went to the local hospital’s emergency room.  They immediately did an EKG to ensure his heart wasn’t having problems.  They did a chest x-ray, concluded that he was retaining fluid and sent us home with a prescription for a diuretic.  The symptoms didn’t get better so he went to his family doctor.  His family doctor sent him immediately to the heart specialist (within the hour).  One test that wasn’t done at the emergency room was for blood clots.  The heart specialist arranged for tests at University Hospital (within the day).  The tests were done with radiation gas and a series of pictures around his chest.  The pictures showed that his lungs were covered with white sparkling areas that showed he had numerous clots.

Shortage of breath is a classic symptom of blood clots, yet it was missed and according to an article we later read in the Toronto Star it is often missed.  Apparently more people die of blood clots than any other disorder.

Daily Quote: September 12

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There is nothing that disgusts a man like getting beaten at chess by a woman.
~ Charles Dudley Warner (September 12, 1829 – October 20, 1900)

Video Games Day – September 12

Also my oldest grandson’s 8th birthday.  Of course his favorite past time  is playing video games or watching YouTube videos of others playing video games.  I’m certain part of his day will include sitting in front of a screen.

One of his battles is epilepsy, absent seizures, (he calls them glitches) that his teacher and peers thought were behaviour issues, lack of attention, lack of comprehension, inability to control his bladder.  Getting a diagnosis was a long, frustrating and difficult task, during which he lost grade 1.  Once diagnosed, the treatment (a daily dose of foul tasting medication) has lead to no seizures in 15 months. The type of epilepsy he deals with he will probably outgrow, but the stigma of the seizures label a child.  Luckily his grade 1 teacher got transferred and the grade 2 teacher only met a wonderful attentive brilliant child.

He is a wonderful happy child who gets along well with others.  His parents are loving and kind, always looking out for his best interests.  He is blessed to still have 2 sets of grandparents to love him and watch over him.  As you can tell he has stolen my heart.

Daily Quote: September 10

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Yes, it’s hard to write.
But it’s harder not to.
~ Carl Clinton Van Doren (September 10, 1885 – July 18, 1950)

World Suicide Prevention Day – September 10

The best analogy about suicide that I remember is that committing suicide is like walking out of a bad movie.  Once you’ve left you’ll never know if it will get better.

Daily Quote: September 5

Quote 2019-09-06.jpg

The world is a living image of God.
~ Tommaso Campanella (September 5, 1568 – May 21, 1639)

Be Late for Something Day

Why not celebrate by taking a slight detour and walk off the beaten path?

One of my pet peeves is people being late for scheduled meetings.
I consider it extremely rude to keep others waiting.
But today I would actually excuse someone who used this as a reason to be late.

Daily Quote: August 28

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There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children.
One of these is roots, the other, wings.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (August 28, 1749 – March 22, 1832)

Bow Tie Day

Well, there really is a day for everything.
Try wearing a bow tie today and celebrate in fashion.

Daily Quote: August 27

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Poetry is the mother-tongue of the human race.
~Johann Georg Hamann (August 27, 1730 – June 21, 1788)

August 27th is Global Forgiveness Day.

Forgiving doesn’t mean to forget,
lifting a burden from your shoulders,
allowing you to move on without regret.
clearing your path of all large boulders.