Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: March 1, 2023

You don’t need to go to church
to be a Christian.
If you go to Taco Bell,
that doesn’t make you a taco.

~ Justin Bieber
Canadian – Singer Born: March 1, 1994

Porte Ponderings:

Interestingly Brainy Quote lists Justin Bieber as a Canadian Sculptor. LOL He’s actually a Canadian Singer.

Growing up in Statford Ontario he shares his hometown with my Daughter-in-law.

Welcome to the first day of March. Time to review your New Year’s Resolution and adjust if needed or re-affirm.

Going to church might not make you a Christian, but it helps on your spiritual journey and provides neeeded fellowship with other Christians.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: February 27, 2023

Time is the only critic without ambition.

~ John Steinbeck
American – Author February 27, 1902 – December 20, 1968

Porte Ponderings:

Amazing people were born on February 27th

One year we provided temporary boarding for a couple of young men who didn’t qualify for assistance because they were under 18. Both were born February 27th. Once they celebrated their birthday, they got their own appartment.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: February 19, 2023

Wonders will never cease.

~ David Garrick
English – Actor February 19, 1717 – January 20, 1779

Porte Ponderings:

So glad Animal Tails has re-opened at Busch Gardens Florida. There is no bad seat in the house as closeups of the animals are projected on the overhead screen in real-time.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: February 5, 2023

A man’s house is his castle.

~ James Otis
American – Lawyer February 5, 1725 – May 23, 1783

Porte Ponderings:

There may be lots of snow at home, but Florida is much warmer and sunny.

I went to the 10th Annual Raptorfest at Boyd Hill Preserve yesterday. What an amazing event and joy to attend.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: February 4, 2023

Mistakes are part of the game.
It’s how well you recover from them,
that’s the mark of a great player.

~ Alice Cooper
American – Musician Born: February 4, 1948

Porte Ponderings:

Today is Raptorfest! Looking forward to attending this event for the first time since the Pandemic.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: February 2, 2023

The more you give,
the more you get
– it’s a cliche,
but it’s really true.

~ Christie Brinkley
American – Model Born: February 2, 1954

Porte Ponderings:

Happy Groundhog Day.

May your local groundhog not see his/her shadow and you only have 6 weeks until spring. 😉

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: February 1, 2023

I’ve been through so much in my life.
I’ve seen so much.
I know how fast things can change.
I know someone
can be here one minute
and gone the next.

~ Lisa Marie Presley
American – Musician / February 1, 1968 – January 12, 2023

Porte Ponderings:

Yes, people can be here one minute and gone the next.

My heart goes out to the family of Lisa Marie Presley and I send them my deepest condolences.

Lisa Marie Presley died too young and of similiar conditions to her father and grandmother. I can’t help but wonder if they had an undiagnosed disease that if diagnosed might have been averted using new medications.

Greif does strange things to people.

The vultures are already circling around as her mother is contesting the latest will that gives all of Lisa’s estate to her children. There are questions about the validity of the will presented as the most current.

My great-grandfather, grandfather and mother all died of sudden cardiac arrest. After genetic testing it was confirmed that my sister has the same disease (familial hypercholesteremia type II), so she has been prescribed Repatha to reduce her cholesterol by elimination of the deadly compound. I went to the same endroconologist and have also been prescribed Repatha. Within 6 weeks my bad cholestrol levels decreased from 2.25 high to 1.75 within range. Meanwhile, my nephew’s doctor won’t prescribe Repatha because he doesn’t “believe in it”. Instead, my nephew is on 80 Mg of Crestor (2x the usual maximum) and still has high cholesterol. Yes, Repatha is expensive ($600 per month for 2 shots) but quit treating health issues with “beliefs” and use science instead.

Follow the attached link for the CDC’s information on familial hypercholesteremia: CDC Familial Hypercholesteremia