Daily Quote: May 8

Quote 2019-05-08.jpg

I wish thee as much pleasure in the reading, as I had in the writing.
~ Francis Quarles (May 8, 1592 – September 8, 1644)

What a wonderful greeting for a walk along the edge of Millpond.  A single gosling under the watchful eye of his mother swam up to meet Rickie and I.  Totally unafraid of the little wire-haired terrier who sat quietly at my side, while I pointed my camera and lens at the young subject.

I only saw the one gosling on our walk around Millpond and wondered if the others had succumbed to the flooding, were meals for predators or if somehow the eggs had been tampered with to prevent over population.

Early May Walk

Finally a warm sunny day to walk through the St. Clair Conservation Area, hike around the pond.  Although the trails were a bit muddy and some areas water covered, Rickie (my wire-haired terrier) and I were able to manage them.

We were greeted by 1 baby Canada Goose and it’s watchful parents.

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We saw a couple of beautiful butterflies.

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Spring flowers are just starting to open.

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