2019 Spring Walk

The trails are finally dry enough to do a complete circle of Pincombe Millpond at Sydenham Conservation Area in Strathroy.  Rickie and I walked the trails from our house for a total of 6.8Km.

Signs of Spring abound, from blushing bushes to pussy willows blooming and skunk cabbage opening.

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Real Music – Real Masters – Ballroom with at Twist

Refills of caramel popcorn is only available at the vendor near the entrance.
The smell entices you to get some as you walk in.

Ballroom with a Twist was a great performance worth the trip.
Watch out though, they want you to get-up and try some of the steps.


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Close up lions.


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Don’t forget to join the trainers at 3:30PM.

Debbie the Hippo loves to perform for the crowd.


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2019 Picking Oranges

After 7 years of visiting Florida there are still more new things to do.

Sunday we went to Hancock Groves to pick Oranges with my niece and her young family.

Nothing is better than fresh oranges in the morning.  For the cost of a small bag of oranges we had a good walk in the mist this morning and visited the gift shop.

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