Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: November 9, 2022

Black and white are the colors of photography.
To me they symbolize the alternatives
of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.

~ Robert Frank
Swiss – Photographer / November 9, 1924-September 9, 2019

Porte Ponderings:

November 8th was Indigenous Veterans’ Day. A day to remember all the Indigenous Veterans.

Frozen in time in Black and White Photos, my husband’s uncles:

Earl Halpin
Chester Golder

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: October 22, 2022

If your pictures aren’t good enough,
you aren’t close enough.

~ Robert Capa
American – Photographer October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954

Porte Ponderings:

I don’t think Robert Capa meant to take the picture closer and do only close-ups. I think you have to start by understanding your subject matter and getting closer. If you’re photographing wildlife you need to learn about your subject and have a passion for the subject to have it show in your photos.

I’ve loved turtles every since I was very little. Back when you were allowed to keep pet turtles, I had two painted turtles in a little dish with a plastic palm tree on the TV. We would take them out of the dish and race the turtles on the kitchen floor in the sunshine. Then it became illegal, apparently turtle habitats in captivity are high in e-coli and other bacteria that might be harmful to humans. Now as a more mature person I understand that turtles need to be in their native habitat and permitted to live their lives as free creatures. But I still love to be close to them, so kayaking and photography is a much better way to be observing them. Pinery Provincial Park is the place to find them. My record number of sightings were 179 painted turtles and 2 snapping turtles.

Learning more about my native heritage, I can see why turtles are so important to me, as we all live on turtle island. My ancestors left their family and reservations in search of adventure and safety for their children. In recent years we’ve heard more about the children that were taken away to residential schools or taken away by child welfare agencies and the abuse they suffered often including death. Many of the women left the reservations to ensure they could keep their children. Indians gladly enfranchised, gave up their native status, to be able to vote and live a life of freedom. The ties to heritage, culture and family were severed as intergenerational damage cut the final connections to language and religion. It was shameful to say you were part Indian, so families hid their heritage. It’s surprising to discover how many people in my subdivision growing up had Native heritage. I’m so glad to see that this is slowly changing as culture is being reclaimed and shown with pride again. My husband’s Muncee-Delaware flag hangs on the front our home. Yes, it includes a turtle on the flag.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: October 17, 2022

I decided to fly through the air
and live in the sunlight
and enjoy life as much as I could.

~ Evel Knievel
American – Entertainer / October 17, 1938 – November 30, 2007

Porte Musings:

As nights get cooler and daylight gets shorter I start to think about trips south. COVID stopped us from our annual adventures to all inclusive resorts or cruises. Timing may end up preventing us from traveling in 2022. First my husband had issues that prevented us booking, now our travel companions have health concerns. We may end up traveling by our selves and meeting new travel companions. If we can’t travel in 2022 at least we’ve already booked our trailer time for January-March in 2023.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: October14, 2022

I look at ordinary objects,
and I see things that other people don’t see.
That’s why I’m a photographer.

~ Ruth Bernhard
German – Photographer October 14, 1905 – December 18, 2006

Porte Photos:

Beautiful misteaks.

Kayaking and a blue heron suddenly takes flight directly towards me. Snap. Snap. Darn the shutter speed was too slow. Instead of a heron in flight I have a ghost in the trees. Longer shutter speeds cause the blur, exaggerate the lines of flight and create a unique perspective a different painting with light effect.

I was once asked what I like better in a shot, a blurred bicycle with the background in focus or a bicycle in focus with a blurred background. I couldn’t decide. Each is unique and it depends on which shot you wanted to use. If I wanted the photo for an article on the cyclist I would keep the cyclist in focus. If I wanted one of the event I would use the blurred cyclist.

Yes, I see things differently from others. That is why I too am a photographer and an artist.

Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: October 13, 2022

Don’t forget to tell yourself positive things daily!
You must love yourself internally to glow externally.

~ Hannah Bronfman
American – Businessman Born: October 26, 1987

Porte Musings:

Did you notice the turtle on the log in the picture? The wild rice has all turned golden and my latest kayak adventure on the Old Ausable Channel had the lowest turtle count yet. I only found 12 turtles sunbathing.