Greenhouse Expressions

Arts Festival

September 14, 2019

Wonderful free event to see local Strathroy and Area Artists.  The location was changed from Art in the Park to inside the Greenhouses at Zimmermann’s Garden Centre.  What a smart idea, using the greenhouse tables for art displays.

Below are just a few of the artists and displays I saw:


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Daily Quote: September 13

Quote 2019-09-13.jpg

Imaginary evils are incurable.
~ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (September 13, 1830 – March 12, 1916)

Friday the 13th

Infamous bike ride to Port Dover Ontario on Friday the 13th, usually attended by about 200,000 bikers.  My son will be attending today with my motorcycle and his wife.  Safe journey for all attending.

Also a full moon.  The Harvest Full Moon.

Watch out for witches, black cats, pumpkins and evil doers.  🙂


2019 – 25th Annual Garden Tour

In celebration of 25 years the Strathroy-Caradoc Horticultural Society Garden Tour was held Sunday, July 14th, 2019 from 10AM – 2PM.

All proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Rural Resource Centre.

Starting at 10AM on Sunday July 14th, 2019 volunteers at the Library were selling Passports for anyone who didn’t take advantage of the $8 Passports sold prior to the date.

An amazing contribution by those who opened their yards for the community to walk through, all the volunteers, and sponsors.

  1. Glen and Ruth Campbell
    76 Pannell Lane, Strathroy

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2. Sleepy Hollow Wildlife Sanctuary
395 Victoria St, Strathroy

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3. Women’s Rural Resource Centre Community Garden
48 McNabe St, Strathroy ON

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One of the Sponsors, Firefield Landscape Supply gave each of the tour attendees a free 1 gallon Perennial.

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4. Ken & Joanne Vanderheyden
8081 Falconbridge, Mount Brydges ON

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5. Willy & Evelyn Van Erp
24610 Sutherland Rd, Strathroy ON

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6. Frank Sauer
425 Carroll St W, Strathroy ON

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7. Cheri & Karl Loeb
2 Westgate Ave, Strathroy ON

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8. Brittney & Nick Zwart
335 Beattie St, Strathroy ON

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9. Sensory Park Community Garden
Adelaide Street & High Street W, Strathroy ON

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Daily Quote: June 25

Quote 2019-06-25.jpg

You usually can’t tell what’s inspiring until you look back on it.
~ Carly Simon (Born: June 25, 1945)

Old Friends,
Old Car shows,
Old buildings,

The reflection on the car door not only includes the other nearby cars, but also my husband on his scooter as he attended the Hometown Festival 2019.


A.M. (Mac) Cuddy Gardens Tour

Annual Garden Tour of the 5 acres donated by the Cuddy Family to Fanshawe College is a bargain.  Only $5 for a tour of the gardens and to walk at your own pace after the tour.

The only downfall is that this is the only weekend that the gardens are open to the public to view.  Many of the flowers are either past their bloom (tulips, narcissus) or not yet blooming (Rose Garden).

At the end of the tour there were 2 greenhouses filled with plants for sale at excellent prices.

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Daily Quote: May 21

Quote 2019-05-21.jpg

Nothing makes me so happy as to observe nature and to paint what I see.
~Henri Rousseau (May 21, 1844 – September 2, 1910)

I cannot paint.  But I practice the art of painting with light – photography.
A single tulip among 300,000 on display is caught with fresh raindrops.
Yellow petal edges highlighted in red with a bokeh of soft unfocused of reds and yellows.
Friendship, Joy, Hope, Caring……

Canadian Tulip Festival

Celebrating  75 years of the liberation of the Netherlands 300,000 tulips are planted with the hope of blooming for the Canadian Tulip Festival May 10th -May 20th.  Cool damp weather has slowed the opening of many of the tulips, but without large crowds this morning we enjoyed a wonderful personalized tour for only $5 each.  Due to the weather outside music was cancelled.  But the restaurants in the Dow Lake Pavilion were open so we enjoyed coffee and watched cormorants vanishing below the surface to catch fish.

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