Daily Quote: March 3, 2020

Photography, as we all know, is not real at all.
It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world.
~ Arnold Newman (American – PhotographerMarch 3, 1918 – June 6, 2006)

National I Want You to be Happy Day

Soup It Forward Day

Daily Quote: February 29, 2020

I earn and pay my own way as a great many women do today.
~ Dinah Shore (American – ActressFebruary 29, 1916 – February 24, 1994)

Rare Disease Day

Happy Birthday to anyone born February 29th.  This special day occurring only once every 4 years.

Daily Quote: February 18, 2020

All good work has magic in it,
and addresses the mind in a subtle way.
~ Duane Michals (American – Photographer Born: February 18, 1932)

 National Battery Day

National Drink Wine Day

So what is the story behind the picture.  I was hiking through Bentsen-Rio Texas State park when I saw what I thought was a leaf that landed on the road ahead of me.  On closer examination it was a golden butterfly that landed on the road and remained completely motionless.  The butterfly laid perfectly still and was almost lost among the colored stones of the paved pathway.  Not a new butterfly, but beautiful despite the tears in her wings.  Before I continued on my way I showed the people on the path behind me where it laid.  They pulled out their cell phone and also took a picture of this camouflaged beauty.

Daily Quote: November 1


The dreadful burden of having nothing to do.
~ Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux (November 1, 1636 – March 13, 1711)

I’m bored…..is so much different from having nothing to do.

Is saying “I’m seeking new adventures” just another way of saying I’m bored.
So I seek out new things to try, new places to go, new people to talk to.

Who truly has nothing to do?  The idle rich?  The retired?  The homeless?  The lazy? 
We all have something to do, but the question is do we want to do it? 
How do we prioritize what to do?  How do we develop passion within our lives?
Once the biological needs are taken care of, where do our wants take us?

Lands of dreams and oceans of fantasies sweep us up in their allure with destinations only limited by imagination.

Reading, writing, blogging, creating, watching TV, playing games, exercising, re-creating ourselves, dieting, knitting, sewing, kayaking, biking, Motorcycling, walking,  visiting with friends, trying something new, going somewhere new………

All Saints Day

Native American Heritage Month

Changes in Canadian Laws now make more people eligible to become “Status Indians” and obtain their status cards (reclaim their maternal heritage denied by paternal societies that overtook the Native American Cultures).  But the process is very slow.  My children applied in December of 2018 (through their paternal grandmother), and probably won’t be receive their status cards for another year or two.

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Living with people effected by diabetes (Native American Heritage gives them a much higher possibility of becoming diabetic) has broken my heart.  I watched as my mother-in-law suffered from the effects.  Daily injections, constant monitoring, kidney failure, dialysis….

2 of my sister-in-laws have died from diabetic induced illnesses.

My husband was diagnosed as being diabetic almost 20 years ago.  Neuropathy causes constant pain and limits his mobility.  He can no longer walk long distances (more than 10 meters); he has had Kidney cancer (1 kidney now left); he can no longer dance……

My oldest son has now been diagnosed with diabetes.

Technology is improving treatments but there is still a very long way to go.

National Epilepsy Month

One of the oldest known illnesses and still unknown mysteries of the brain.